INCREASED DEMAND Disinfection solutions expert EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives has adapted to meet overwhelming new demand with an expansion in its leadership team, a new innovation branch, and a greater focus on partnerships and enhancing the user experience.

When EarthSafe first introduced the EvaClean Infection Prevention System in 2016, electrostatic sprayers and hypochlorous acid (HoCl)-based chemistries were virtually unheard of in the cleaning industry. The company spent several years educating about the many benefits of faster, more complete application of safe and effective disinfectants, while also advocating for the establishment of guidelines for responsible use of these disruptive technologies. By 2019, the EvaClean system had already been adopted by some of the most prominent healthcare institutions, senior living communities and school districts in the country, and the company was well on the way to becoming one of the leading authorities on healthier disinfection.

Past successes positioned EvaClean on the leading edge for addressing the COVID-19 crisis as a trusted infection- prevention system. The extraordinary demand for the EvaClean’s frontline defence solutions created a need for rapid expansion in supply chain capacity and resources to ensure safe, effective and sustainable implementation across every industry in a post COVID-19 world.

Building upon tremendous growth and wider recognition, EarthSafe has taken steps to solidify its holistic infection- prevention platform while moving into 2021, with more autonomy and an even stronger focus on pioneering

innovation. EarthSafe made significant enhancements to its key leadership team, starting from the very top. Majority Stockholder RJ Valentine assumed the role of Chairman, and will zero in on strategic partnerships for product line expansions. Valentine recruited Steve Wilson as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer, based on his experience with explosive growth scenarios. Wilson’s background is the perfect mix of cleaning industry expertise and high growth success, having built a private-equity-owned company into the nation’s largest provider of outsourced and managed services for hospitality and entertainment.

Chairman RJ Valentine said: “Wilson’s leadership will guide EarthSafe to the next level and beyond.”

EarthSafe’s newly-formed Innovation Department will be headed up by co-founder and now Chief Innovation Officer Jeremiah Gray, whose efforts were integral to the creation of EvaClean. Gray’s group will be responsible for developing products and technologies to enhance and expand its infection-prevention solutions and advisory services. Newly- appointed Chief Experience Officer Flavia da Silva-Benson will continue to lead compliance and operations initiatives, while augmenting user experience in the core industries they serve. She will oversee all regulatory agencies, compliant marketing programs, set product safety guidelines as well as institute training and operational protocols to support key customer partners.

Incoming and legacy leadership are united in their commitment to secure EarthSafe’s position as a leading infection-prevention solutions company and one of the most respected authorities on healthier disinfection for a safer future in the new normal.

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