een Waiting For nd Place

2 Pinpoint App- Pinpoint Coming a close second, we have the Pinpoint App from Pinpoint.

The Pinpoint App is a new application for PCs and mobile devices, launched by developer and manufacturer of staff personal alarm systems, Pinpoint.

Pinpoint Mobile Alert is an application that enables mobile, Android-based devices to receive information like alarms, patient calls and system status updates. Data transmission utilises any available connection like Wi-Fi, LTE and 4G technology, providing better coverage and reliability than traditional paging systems.

What they said:

“We are delighted to win second place in the 2019 Tomorrow’s Care Awards for our Pinpoint Mobile Alert Application. Being placed as a top three finalist is a fantastic achievement and we are proud

to be recognised for our contribution to the industry through our continuous development of our products and services.”

What you said:

“Great company with happy, helpful staff.” “Supercool staff with brilliant ideas.”

“Great UI and very easy to use. The team have obviously used a human-centred design process and it shows in the final product.”

As soon as an alarm is activated on the Pinpoint System and sent to the mobile device, a full screen notification appears, indicating the level of call, the system it originated from, the zone and the location of the call button or personal transmitter.

Pinpoint PC Alert, the desktop application, displays Pinpoint System status information on any nominated PC. Unless an alarm is raised, the application remains dormant in the system tray of the computer and has no impact on its performance. If an event triggers an alarm, an audible alert sounds and a pop- up window opens on top of any application running at the time, displaying the level of call, location, description and time.

an finally announce the full top ten winners of the Tomorrow’s Care Awards 2019!

What you said: “It improves our

lives and prevents

epidemic. It’s quick and easy to use.”

“Cleaning of the future.”

“Easy and safe to

use. Time saving and quiet. This is really clever and a great name! “

TOP 10 PRODUCTS & SERVICES 1. Chicopee Microfibre Light by Berry Global 2. Pinpoint App by Pinpoint Limited 3. Moobeam3 by Diversey 4. Log my Care 5. HowDidWeDo? App- HowDidWeDo 6. Exemplar Health Care 7. OrCam MyEye 2- OrCam 8. CallConfirmLive!- CM 9. Barlo LST Range- Barlo Radiators 10. Altro Pisces- Altro Ltd - 29 -

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