Safety System was installed with no fuss - including a modification to the requirement part-way through the installation to accommodate a new extension to the building.

Asked how the Pinpoint system has worked for Millennium Care since its installation in 2015, Rachel said: “The Pinpoint System has worked really well. Unlike the previous system, we’ve never had a single instance when it hasn’t raised the alarm. Absolutely no hiccups! Our staff finally feel perfectly safe - they know that their body-worn Personal Infrared Transmitter (PIT) will summon help immediately every time.”

This is in an environment where residents with challenging behaviour probably generate five incidents per week when members of staff need to use their PIT to summon urgent assistance.

Rachel noted: “Thankfully, due to the reliability and speed of action of the Pinpoint System, most of those incidents now only require ‘help to de-escalate’ alarms.

“True emergency calls are much more infrequent now, but when those do happen, Pinpoint raises the alarm with a combination of audible alarms, graphic displays in strategic locations plus flashing overdoor lights in the corridor outside the room containing the emergency. All of which combine to ensure the crash-team is guided to the correct room within seconds. This results in less danger to our staff, less danger for our other residents and in fact, because situations can be defused much more quickly, far less likelihood of the other

residents themselves becoming disturbed.”

When asked the big question of whether she would recommend the Pinpoint System to other care providers, Rachel said: “Absolutely! We wish we’d had Pinpoint from the outset at Sunnyborough and we are now intending to deploy it at two new homes we are currently planning.”

Obviously, the Personal Safety System is only one element in delivering Millennium Care’s mission of supporting these challenged residents. But, by ensuring a safe environment for both staff and residents, it allows everybody to concentrate on the job in hand; namely rehabilitating the residents to be able to live better lives and, for many, to reduce their challenging behaviours to enable them to graduate from needing 24/7 one-on-one care into less costly, semi-independent supported living environments.

“I would sum up the Pinpoint Personal Safety System as effective, safe and reliable; and the Pinpoint company as highly supportive, helpful and very knowledgeable of our operational needs,” Rachel concluded.

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