TOMORROW’S CARE AWARDS 2019 What You’ve Be 1 Months of nominating, voting and anticipation have all led to this moment- we ca st Place

Chicopee Microfibre Light- Berry Global Taking the coveted first-place position, we must offer our huge congratulations to Berry Global with its Chicopee Microfibre Light cleaning cloth.

The Microfibre Light from Chicopee – a brand of

Berry Global – is a cost-effective yet highly efficient cleaning cloth that will help remove bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals. The fibres of the Microfibre Light cloth are approximately 80% finer than those found in regular microfibre materials, ensuring a superior cleaning performance.

Made entirely from 100% splittable microfibre, the cloth has

been proven to remove 99.99% of microbes. Dirt, dust and bacteria are picked up from a surface and trapped within the fibres of the cloth.

The cloth is designed for short-term use and is simply discarded aſterwards, reducing the risk of cross- contamination and the requirement for time-consuming laundry. Classified with low-irritation potential, the Microfibre Light is also low weight, easy to use, and damages neither the surface nor the skin.

What they said:

“We are extremely proud that our unique and innovative Chicopee Microfibre Light wipes are recognised by the Tomorrow’s Care Awards 2019.”

- Stein Bongers, Product Manager, Wipes, EMEA Berry Global What you said:

“I tested several products. Microfibre Light from Chicopee is really the best!”

“Best cloth on the market!” “Reliable and effective wipe which gets the job done.” 3

rd Place Moonbeam3- Diversey

Last but most certainly not least, Moobeam3 by Diversey has scooped third place.

Moonbeam3 from Diversey delivers powerful UV-C light to provide fast broad area disinfection of high-touch surfaces in care homes and hospitals in as little as three minutes.

UV-C penetrates and destroys the DNA in the cells of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and spores. This stops them multiplying and causing infections. Moonbeam3 therefore offers facilities an alternative and completely hands, chemical and fume-free way to complement existing processes with safer, high-performance disinfection.

The device is ideal for adjunct cleaning surfaces accidentally - 28 -

missed during regular disinfection processes and for frequently- touched, hard-to-clean surfaces and intricate equipment

Moonbeam3’s three articulating, light-producing arms can be positioned independently to direct light efficiently and closely onto the target surface.

Simple but effective failsafe features, including motion detection sensors, prevent accidental exposure to UV-C. Periodic maintenance is limited to bulb replacement, with no tools required.

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