LAUNDRY Smarten Up

We take a closer look at the latest Internet of Clean service from Diversey, IntelliLinen, which can enhance on-premise laundry (OPL) operations within care environments.

The new IntelliLinen system from Diversey helps on-premises laundry operators to reduce costs, minimise rewashes and enhance results by providing an advanced set of remote real-time management and diagnostic tools over the Internet of Clean.

Operators have a real-time view of energy and water consumption, chemical dosing accuracy, machine downtime and day-to-day operational costs to prevent expensive disruptions and errors within their laundries.

Part of Diversey’s Internet of Clean platform, the IntelliLinen dispenser’s integrated Wi-Fi network connects to any mobile device to give teams visibility of the entire wash process. This is available on an interactive dashboard accessed from any location using an app or browser. Laundry managers can monitor operations to see where they can reduce water and energy consumption, increase chemical dosage accuracy and reduce re-wash levels. They can also see which machines are being under-used or

creating bottlenecks, and where hygiene compliance is compromised.

IntelliLinen offers better control over expensive equipment. It reduces time-consuming and costly rewashes by ensuring the right product is used in the right wash program at the right time. Its robust and reliable dispensing equipment measures and calibrates each dose of product into the washing machine to ensure optimal results during every cycle.

The system continuously monitors the availability of products, water flow and the condition of the dispensing equipment to enhance the overall quality of the wash. Information is automatically and instantaneously analysed so that status reports and alarms are shown immediately on the dashboard.

Operators have a clear and intuitive view of what is happening in every connected washing machine at every site. IntelliLinen provides the operational insight and cost details that are oſten unavailable in conventional laundries because of lack of tools, time

or information. Users have a real-time view of total water, energy and product usage and costs and can set thresholds and receive alerts when these and other parameters are exceeded. The system also issues alerts as soon as the quality of the wash is at risk, such as when product levels are running low. This allows operators to take action before there is any disruption to the laundry process. Information required to resolve issues is provided in the form of video attachments and contextual content that also acts as training material.

Operators can prepare detailed reports and make more informed business decisions, anytime and anywhere with IntelliLinen. Reports can be compiled quickly, saving valuable time for other tasks. Operators can identify consistent pain points that are reducing profitability and prevent them re- occurring by taking corrective action. By ensuring processes are less labour- intensive, the system helps laundries make the best possible use of their working hours.

Extensive field trials undertaken by Diversey have highlighted the benefits of IntelliLinen. Around 80% of users reported it was more reliable than their previous dispensing system and almost two thirds said the cleanliness of their linen had improved.

The IntelliLinen system automatically alerts field engineers when maintenance is due. Routine service calls can then be scheduled proactively and conveniently for the operator and without any need for unscheduled outages, so that machine uptime is maximised.

IntelliLinen is designed as part of Diversey’s Internet of Clean platform, which includes a variety of connected technology solutions for commercial cleaning – providing full visibility of operations to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. - 20 -

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