BRAND Creating and maintaining a strong brand identity that truly represents a business, to both the people who use their services and their staff, is vital for modern, forward-thinking organisations.

Healthcare and nursing uniforms have remained quite traditional for several years and, in order to keep up with this significant increase in demand for the latest

styles, colours and fits, Grahame Gardner has developed a new product that goes above and beyond classic scrubs- the Advance range.

Inspired by cutting-edge dye sublimation printing techniques first used in the sportswear industry, the Advance range

combines sleek designs with state-of-the art ‘Aura’ fabric to provide uniforms that are not only unique and stylish, but durable and functional for the wearer too. The exceptionally durable, easy care techno-fibre garments require little or no ironing and can easily be washed by hand or in a washing machine.

Whether you are in nursing or healthcare, dental, spa, beauty or a veterinary practice, Grahame Gardner has the perfect design for your uniform. Advance allows a business to choose any colour, image or pattern as part of its uniform designs, even using a company logo to create bespoke panels and trims for a unique look. Advance allows companies to present a strong corporate image across their entire business, and ensure staff have workwear that truly aligns with their brand or corporate identity.

Advance range sizes are available from 6 – 26 (XS -XXL) and are available on minimum order quantities of 10 garments, with achievable delivery lead- times.

concept, that recently became available to care homes in the UK.


PLATFORM NOW AVAILABLE IN UK Familynet, an award-winning social platform for care homes, is now available in the UK.

Familynet is a promising initiative that facilitates communication between care workers and family of residents.

It was created by a Dutch family who initially ‘just wanted to know what nice things grandma was up to.’ The platform they built soon developed into a successful

- 10 -

The concept was awarded the Innovation Excellence Award (2nd place) during the Care Home Expo in Birmingham, which took place from 26th-27th March.

Familynet enables care homes to share a resident’s beautiful moments through a secure, personal page. In addition, family members have insights into the calendar and the lifebook of the resident. It is nice to stay up to date about the life of your family member, but Familynet is also beneficial for care workers. It makes it easier to involve family members in the life of residents. In addition, it is a quick way to mobilise multiple family members.

In the Netherlands, Familynet (known natively as Familienet) serves more than 600 care homes.

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