Whether you are deciding on a mat for your reception, service areas, or one to protect the floor beneath appliances such as water coolers, there will always be a mat to suit your needs. Here are the different ways in which a mat could benefit your facility:


MAKING HYGIENE SIMPLE Well-designed mats should

significantly reduce the amount of dirt and water tracked into a building and improve the cleanliness of the facility, by reducing unsightly water or mud marks in building entrances, especially when there’s been a period of bad weather. Place your mats in areas which receive high traffic, such as entrance and reception areas, corridors, or in front of water coolers, to ensure maximum dirt is collected and your premises are kept clean.

Mats that use a high proportion of microfibres – small strands that attach themselves to microscopic dirt particles for optimum pick-up and absorption – are most effective as they are able to hold more water and dirt than a standard mat. To put this in perspective, a single mat can absorb several litres of water, and a few kilograms of dirt in between services when the mat is cleaned.

“It’s of paramount importance to maintain the

highest standards

of hygiene possible in commercial buildings.”


HEALTH AND SAFETY Mats help ensure facilities are fully

compliant with workplace health and safety regulations. Initial Washroom Hygiene provides mats with a super- styrene backing which helps reduce ripples and keeps the mat flat, reducing movement as this backing reduces friction.

For areas such as pubs and bars, or in leisure centres and gyms where spillages occur frequently, microfibre


or non-textile mats are recommended. These particular mats are specifically designed to reduce movement on wet, hard surfaces and minimises the risk of slips and trips, and therefore the likelihood of injury to employees or customers.

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FINANCIAL BENEFITS Using a mat can also add to a

business’s bottom line, by helping to reduce cleaning costs and floor maintenance bills.

A GREAT IMPRESSION Contrary to the well-known

expression, people often do judge books by their covers, and a mat can be one of the first things customers, clients and employees encounter upon arrival at a facility. It’s therefore worth opting for mats which are aesthetically pleasing – to help make a good first impression. Consider placing logo mats outside your premises or in reception areas where they can give a splash of colour, while at the same time demonstrating an added level of consideration and care to people.

Initial’s Outdoor Logo Scraper Plus Mat, for example, not only collects dirt and water as visitors enter the building but can be customised with your business’s logo to communicate your brand message to anyone that enters the building.


CUSTOMER WELLBEING If you are looking to boost

employee or customer wellbeing, and enhance their experience in the facility, consider exploring anti-fatigue mats. These mats are designed to address ailments associated with long periods of standing on hard surfaces, including joint pain, backache and tiredness. This helps increase employee comfort, and in doing so increases concentration and efficiency.


PROTECTION Choosing the correct floor mats to suit your business requirements is important to protect and prolong the life of your flooring. In the long-term, floor mats can be effective in trapping dirt, water and other substances from trailing into your premises, as well as preventing accidents. But what if you’re not sure which mat to opt for, or where to place them for maximum benefit?

If you have any queries, don’t be afraid to consult the experts. There’s a comprehensive range of floor mats available for all types of business sector. Whether you require floor mats for your lobby, office building or food preparation area, it’s worth discussing the best solution for your unique needs.

“People do judge

books by their covers, and a mat can be

one of the first things

customers, clients and employees encounter upon arrival at a facility.”

Offerings such as Initial Washroom Hygiene’s service option for textile mats can provide your business with freshly laundered mats at an agreed frequency, ensuring that your floors are constantly protected and that your mats will work harder for longer. Enlisting a service like this ensures your mats are laundered on a regular basis and are also subject to a thorough quality control check.

FINAL WORDS It’s critical that managers do their best to enforce floorcare best practice – not only to enhance their premises aesthetically, but most importantly, to protect visitors. In addition to using mats in your premises, running a tight ship when it comes to cleaning will make sure floors are routinely cleaned and will deliver clear advantages for your business.

Facilities managers should take the time to assess the profile of their business and functionality of different mats before choosing the ones which best fit their professional environment. Provided they are laundered on a regular basis, these mats can help to create and maintain a clean, safe and attractive work environment for customers and employees.

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