2 May / June 2021 Foreword

Welcome to the second edition of Chromatography Today of 2021, again produced under the challenging circumstances surrounding the continuing Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and a lockdown for the majority of the production timeframe.

Trevor Hopkins - Editor

I hope you are all safe, well and in good spirits, as the situation continues to challenge around the globe with new variants appearing in certain geographic locations. A glimmer of hope on the horizon is the more than 1.32 billion vaccine doses that have been administered worldwide as of early May, this is equal to 17 doses for every 100 people (Financial Times, 11 May 2021). There is however a stark difference in the vaccination programs in different countries, with some yet to report a single dose.

The planned focus areas within the two themes of Fundamental Aspects of Chromatography and Modern Chromatography Applications for this edition were ‘Latest applications in Comprehensive Multidimensional Chromatography (GCxGC, LCxLC, and LCxLCxLC)’ and ‘The different modes of Electrophoretic separations - (CE, ITP, CEC, PAGE, etc.)’ respectively.

The Fundamental Aspects of Chromatography and Modern Chromatography Applications sections are designed to provide you with both recent advances in the fundamentals of separation science, method development, and new instrumentation along with modern cutting edge and practical applications of analytical separation. The topics are separated by the Chromatography Today Knowledgebase which covers Gas Chromatography troubleshooting and in Part 2 of the series baseline and response issues are reviewed and two off-topic articles from Bausch Health and SYFT covering the use of high flow rates to accomplish shallow gradients in less time and the application of high-throughput thermal desorption analysis of volatile compounds using selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry.

The Latest applications in Comprehensive Multidimensional Chromatography focus area presents a trio of environmental applications showing how comprehensive multidimensional chromatography is being routinely applied in that application area. The articles are from LECO et. al., JEOL and PAC LP on; the analysis of microplastics in environmental samples by pyrolysis/thermal desorption-(GC)xGC-TOFMS; GCxGC with Soft Ionisation and High- Resolution Mass Spectrometry Applied to Petroleum Biomarker Analysis; and Group-Type Analysis in jet fuel and diesel by Flow Modulated GCxGC-FID respectively.

The articles after the KnowledgeBase and off-topic articles are on The different modes of Electrophoretic separations and are

from firstly SCIEX on ultrafast charge variant analysis of next- generation antibody therapeutics

such as multi-specifics, bi-specific T-cell engagers, peptibodies, and nanobodies using capillary zone electrophoresis. This article is followed by articles from Dr Rawi Ramautar et. al. from Leiden University, Netherlands, and Advanced Electrophoresis Solutions Ltd et. al., Canada discussing the perceived misconceptions of capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry for metabolomics and the use of high-efficiency preparative imaged capillary isoelectric focusing (iCIEF) and iCIEF-MS in protein charge variant characterisation, respectively.

The next issue of Chromatography Today will be focusing on the Current developments in micro chromatography and the application of Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) for bio and environmental applications.

Each edition of Chromatography Today is packed with valuable information; however, it is impossible to include everything that is submitted. The new revised Chromatography Today website (www. is the repository where all the other submissions can be found, along with the latest news from the world of separation science and access to all the historical articles. Perusing the trending news and article sections, it is surprising how separation science plays a significant part in daily life without us ever appreciating it, or even realising it. There is a diverse range of areas highlighting just how important separation science is to society with a calendar of events and articles on food, biofuels, medicine, forensics, brewing, and environmental clean-up. Please take a look and if you are not a current recipient of the Chromatography Today e-bulletin - please sign up today.

As always, we welcome article submissions, topic ideas for inclusion in future issues, and feedback from our readership. If you have any feedback on this edition of Chromatography Today, please contact us as we are always looking to improve the publication.

Trevor. Next Issue -

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