Volume 26

Number 1

February 2018 Dear Abbe table of contents Volume 24, Number 1 February 2018 Dear Abbe,

I had a particularly DYI-oriented investigator who kept modifying my microscopes without permission and aſt er repeatedly warned not to fi ddle with the instrumentation. Now I have a corpse on my hands, and I am wondering how best to dispose of the evidence. I do not think the police can be convinced that the 300 keV cable came loose on its own. Correlative in Clemson

Dear CLEM, ISSN 1431-9276

An open-source storage solution for cryo-electron microscopy samples Eveline Ultee, Fred Schenkel, Wen Yang, Susanne Brenzinger, Jamie S. Depelteau and Ariane Briegel

Determining Direction of Axonal Flow in the Equine Ramus Communicans by Ultrastructural Examination of the Plantar Nerves 2 Months aſt er Transecting the Ramus Fakhri Al-Bagdadi, Jim Schumacher, Jessi Carter, Ferenc Tóth and Robert W. Henry

Overexpression of microRNA-29b decreases expression of DNA methyltransferases and improves quality of the blastocysts derived from somatic cell nuclear transfer in cattle Shuang Liang, Zheng-Wen Nie, Jing Guo, Ying-Jie Niu, Kyung-Tae Shin, Sun A. Ock and Xiang-Shun Cui

A simple method for the cross-section area determination of single profi led fi bers and its application

Zhangchuan Peng, Chun Liu, Lin Zhang, Wei Li, Wenbo Hu, Sanyuan Ma1 and Qingyou Xia1

Is binding pattern of Zinc(II) equal in diff erent bryophyte species? Marko Sabovljevic, Marieluise Weidinger, Aneta D. Sabovljević, Wolfram Adlassnig and Ingeborg Lang

Quantifi cation of olivine using Fe La in EPMA Ben Buse, and Stuart Kearns

Polarization microscopy and infrared microspectroscopy of integument coverings of diapausing larvae in two distantly related nonsocial bees Maria Luiza Mello, Benedicto de Campos Vidal, and Jerome G. Rozen, Jr.

Early eff ects of ionizing radiation on the collagen hierarchical structure of bladder and rectum visualized by atomic force microscopy

Svetlana Kotova, Peter S. Timashev, Galina V. Belkova1, Marina V. Kochueva, Ksenia V. Babak, Victoria A. Timofeeva1, Elena B. Kiseleva, Olga O. Vasilieva1, Anna V. Maslennikova and Anna B. Solovieva1

T e infl uence of beam broadening on the spatial resolution of annular dark fi eld scanning transmission electron microscopy

Niels de Jonge, Andreas Verch and Hendrix Demers

Superfi cial and inner examination of a microwave-irradiated dental acrylic resin and its metal-polymer interface

Marian C. Popescu, Bogdan I. Bita, Vasilica Tucureanu, Dan Vasilache, Melania A. Banu, Andrei M. Avram and Raluca A. G. Dumitrescu

Ich glaub mich knutscht ein Elch! I was just thinking about this yesterday! I applaud your strategy but agree that the authorities would fi nd it curious. T is brings me back to my youth, when I was fi rst learning how to section tissues for histology and eventually the TEM. When thin sectioning for the TEM, I used to wonder how long it would take to serial section Arcturus. Ach, such memories! Now, well, let us just say that with a big enough diamond knife (I recommend Abbe Lab’s Archimedes brand knives) and a properly embedded sample, anything can be thin-sectioned.

Dear Abbe, Our institution has been going through several years of

fi nancial distress, and we have not seen cost-of-living raises in many years. Consequently, our lower-paid techs are beginning to be a bit creative with components in our lab to save money on hygiene and other personal eff ects. I’m not sure this is a safe alternative. For example, I caught our TEM technician smearing fomblin grease on his teeth claiming the fl uoride component would allow him to avoid dental visits. What can I do to stop this? Shocked in Salem

Dear Shocked,

I am not surprised these days with all the alternative medicinal advice and home-brewed beverages. It was inevitable that people would resort to survival mode and become creative with readily accessible lab resources. I too am searching for ways to curb this trend without resorting to the Lab Bat. Here at Abbe Industries, my underpaid underlings are exhibiting this troublesome trend with our equipment and supplies. Just the other day I found one lab urchin gold coating some cheap baubles in the sputter coater. I suspect she’s been augmenting her salary with jewelry sales on Etsy. T en I had to stop an intern from making agar soup on the hot plate. Meanwhile, I have to keep a close watch on my EM tech since I found him calling pawn shops while prying the diamond out of an ultramicrotome knife. I’m looking into reasonably priced Tech Automatons as a viable alternative.

Want to worry your coworkers and create dubious ethical adventures? Contact Herr Abbe! He can be reached through his recently paroled assistant at .

2018 March • doi: 10.1017/S1551929517001341 73

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