Product News Alpha3 Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope

Alpha3 is a new generation of light sheet microscopy systems providing optimum imaging performance with the ease of use and sample handling of a standard research microscope. T e Alpha3 modular confi gu- ration allows for easy adaptation to experimental constraints and enables fast and reproducible

sample mounting with an innovative chamber and holders design. From in vivo imaging to clearing, this cost-eff ective light sheet microscopy system delivers high throughput 3D imaging from single cells to whole organisms.


New FlowCam® Nano with Oil Immersion Technology New instrumentation, featuring Nano-Flow

particle imaging, provides digital images of particles ranging in size from 300 nm to 10 µm. Using patented, oil immersion technology for enhanced optical resolution, the new FlowCam

Fluid Imaging Technologies automati- cally reveals protein agglomerates, silicon

® Nano from

oil droplets, glass shards, and other opaque, transparent, and translucent sub-visible particles with the high-resolution imagery needed for identification.

Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc www.fl

DENSsolutions Heating Facilitates in situ TEM Studies

DENSsolutions specializes in building solutions that allow TEM microscopists to carry out dynamic studies in situ . T eir latest heating Nano-Chip will help researchers achieve innovative results by providing a platform that

provides higher stability, better homogeneity, faster settling time, higher temperature for EDS, and easier sample loading. T e new heating Nano-Chip lets you easily capture and correlate structural and chemical changes, at any temperature, no matter when and how fast they happen.

AXT Pty Ltd

New Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope ZEISS GeminiSEM 450

With ZEISS GeminiSEM 450, users benefi t from high-resolution, surface- sensitive imaging and an optical system that supports them in obtaining the best analytical results, especially when working with low voltages. High-throughput EBSD analysis and low-voltage EDS deliver excellent results due to ZEISS Gemini

450’s ability to precisely and independently control spot size and beam current. T e ZEISS GeminiSEM 450 is the ideal platform for the most demanding imaging and analytical analysis.

Carl Zeiss Microscopy

2018 March •

Leica Microsystems GmbH

Compact Spectrometers for Light Source Characterization

A series of compact smart spectrometers with integrated CCD linear array detectors from Spectrolight provide a turnkey solution to measuring the spectral behavior of light sources, analytical samples,

and tunable fi lters from the UV through the NIR (200 nm–1050 nm). All models provide both adjustable-slit and fi ber-coupled input options and 2,048 element detectors. T is delivers optical resolution from 0.3 nm to 7 nm (FWHM) at sampling speeds up to 1 kHz.

Spectrolight, Inc.

GE Launches DeltaVision Ultra Microscopy System for Imaging and Analysis of Cell Biology

DeltaVision Ultra is a high-resolution widefield deconvolution microscope optimized for imaging and analysis of cellular and subcellular processes, up to 50 mm beyond the coverslip and down to 250 nm in size. DeltaVision Ultra offers scientists several important benefits, including a custom light path that maximizes light efficiency and reduces phototoxicity and photobleaching, an optimized stage that enables imaging of a variety of sample types, and the capacity for multi-well scanning.

GE Healthcare Life Sciences

55 New Imaging Software ZEISS ZEN 2 Core

ZEISS ZEN 2 core is a powerful tool for image analysis and interactive control of microscopes. As a lab infrastructure solution, ZEISS ZEN 2 core is reflecting multi-modal workflows in connected lab environments with a single general user

interface (GUI). Correlative workflows connect light, digital, and electron microscopes for more meaningful analysis. With the help of database interfaces, one can use standardized workflows and exchange consistent analysis data between different microscopes, offline workstations, and laboratory sites.

Carl Zeiss AG

Save 90% of the Time when Doing Materials Analysis

T e new DM6 M LIBS microscope for materials analysis from Leica Microsystems allows you to analyze the two main characteristics of a specimen in one work step: microstructure and composition. T e microscope has an integrated laser spectroscopy function and delivers the chemical composition

of any microstructure that you see in the fi eld of view within a second. Compared to typical electron microscopy analysis, this solution saves you up to 90% of the time.

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