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BE-OPTICAL and PicoQuant – Pushing the Envelope in Medical Imaging

PicoQuant and the Humboldt University Berlin are co-hosting an Early Stage Researcher. T e ESR is working on a Ph.D. thesis during his stay at PicoQuant that is entitled “Advanced Nanoscale Microscopy: Time-Resolved Super-Resolution Fluorescence Studies of Biological Structures.” T e aim of

the project lies in exploring novel strategies based on pulsed excitation coupled with nanosecond time-resolved detection to carry out multiplexed studies of complex dynamics in biological structures under optical super-resolution conditions.

PicoQuant and the Humboldt University Berlin

Collaboration Between the University Of Manchester and Phasefocus™ Kicks Off with Livecyte Training

Following a successful funding application, the staff at the University of Manchester, Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Matrix Research, have become the proud owners of a Livecyte

System. Livecyte is a unique quantitative ™ Cell Imaging & Analysis

label-free cell analysis system, which delivers continuous tracking and analysis of individual cells within large populations, and multiple wells, enabling users to gain a more realistic and compre- hensive understanding of cell behavior.


IC Measure: Software for Image Capture and On-Screen Measurement

IC Measure is a comprehensive free soſt ware tool with a convenient user interface. It integrates image capture and enhancement functionality—for example, tone mapping, chief ray angle (CRA), optical distortion correction, stacking, etc.—with additional tools associated with microscopy soſt ware, such as on-screen calibration; measurement of lengths, surfaces, and angles; and freely confi gu- rable annotations and overlays, such as crosshairs, rulers, and grids. IC Measure is for use with all industrial cameras and frame grabbers from T e Imaging Source.

The Imaging Source

JPK Instruments Announces Partnership with Swiss Company, Cytosurge AG

JPK Instruments announced their partnership with Cytosurge AG, whereby JPK users of NanoWizard

for applications requiring the precise delivery of liquids at the femtoliter scale. Being able to isolate, manipulate, and image single and multiple cells in their natural environments is vital to researchers in many fi elds, making the addition of FluidFM AFM imaging and force spectroscopy a benefi cial pairing.

ForceRobot® systems may now add FluidFM

JPK Instruments AG and Cytosurge AG

2018 March • ®, CellHesion ® technology ®, and ® to

WITec Suite FIVE Software Now Features Active Focus Stabilization

WITec has started shipping its Suite FIVE data acquisition, evaluation, and processing soſt ware with the new ability to compensate for thermal and mechanical variations during long-term measure- ments. Confocal Raman microscopy investigations performed on delicate samples oſt en require lower excitation

power and a corresponding increase in acquisition time. Active focus stabilization ensures that the ideal focus between the microscope objective and sample is maintained and signal collection is unaff ected while temperature or humidity changes.

WITec GmbH

Solutions for Correlative Microscopy and the Introduction of Imaris Stitcher

Bitplane launched Imaris version 9.1 along with Imaris Stitcher. Many experiments require viewing an entire organism, organ, or tissue while also resolving features at the subcellular level. Visualizing and analyzing the resulting datasets is challenging because of either the diff ering sizes and resolutions

of the images or simply because of the large amount of image data generated. Imaris 9.1 and Imaris Stitcher address these challenges, delivering new functionality to the Imaris family of soſt ware.

Bitplane, an Oxford Instruments Company

Series Production Start: Basler ace U with Sony STARVIS Sensors

Eight new ace U models with the innovative back-illuminated rolling shutter CMOS sensors from Sony’s STARVIS line moved into series production. T e eight new ace U models from camera manufacturer Basler feature resolutions

of 6 and 12 megapixels and have now moved into series production. T ey are equipped with the IMX178 and IMX226 sensors from Sony’s STARVIS line and deliver up to 59 frames per second.

Basler AG

Quorum Reports on Cryo Prep Techniques for SEM in Food Technology and Engineering

T e Laboratory of Food Technology & Engineering at the University of Ghent, Belgium, applies cryo techniques to prepare food samples for study by SEM. T e challenge of imaging using SEM is the ability to keep the samples in their natural state, hence the requirement to employ cryo sample prep and the selection of Quorum’s PP3000T system for the task. Quorum supplies a large range of products and services to meet the needs of electron microscopists.

Quorum Technologies Limited


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