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Industry News

Bruker Acquires Emerging Light Sheet Microscopy Company Luxendo

Bruker announced that it has acquired Luxendo, a privately held spin-off of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory that develops and manufactures proprietary light-sheet fl uores- cence microscopy instruments.

Luxendo’s proprietary single-plane illumination microscopy (SPIM) technique signifi cantly reduces sampling times over conventional laser scanning confocal microscopes, while reducing phototoxicity and damaging side eff ects on living specimens. T is SPIM technology also enables the fastest scan speeds for volumetric imaging of small organisms, cell monolayers, and cleared tissue.

Bruker Nano Surfaces Division and Luxendo and

Etaluma and DRVISION’s Partnership Combines Lumascope Live Cell Imaging with Aivia Image Visualization and Analysis

Etaluma and DRVision’s partnership combines the power of imaging by Etaluma’s inverted LS microscopes and DRVision’s Aivia image visualization analysis and data exploration technology. Together these products provide a powerful turnkey solution for microscopy-based assays, and especially live cell assays performed within incubators and hypoxia chambers. The products will enable users to benefit from a complete workflow from image acquisition to visual- ization and advanced analysis.

DRVision Technologies, LLC. and Etaluma, Inc. and

2017 WITec Paper Award for Outstanding Scientifi c Publications

From nearly 60 submissions for the 2017 WITec Paper Award, our jury selected the three best publications: T e Gold Paper Award was conferred upon Maria O’Brien from Trinity College in Dublin (Ireland). T e Silver Paper Award was given to Helena Nogueira from the University of Aveiro (Portugal). T e Bronze Paper Award went to Jonas Higl from the University of Ulm (Germany) for a Raman study on hydrating of cementitious materials.

WITec GmbH

Kammrath and Weiss Return to the US Market

Kammrath and Weiss GmbH welcome back George Lanzarotta to manage sales and marketing in the United States. After several years of record growth in the European and Asian marketplace, German based Kammrath and Weiss GmbH are renewing their presence in North America. Prompted by the current success of their materials testing devices for SEM and FIB, Mr. Lanzarotta is expanding their marketing program to strengthen their position in the marketplace.

Kammrath and Weiss Technologies, Inc.

2017 September •

20 Years at the Forefront of Raman Imaging

The Raman imaging company WITec celebrates its 20th anniversary. It was founded in 1997 as a spin-off from the Physics Department of the University of Ulm, with

employees at the Ulm headquarters and its branch offices in Spain, China, Japan, Singapore, and the USA. As reflected in the company’s maxim, “Focus Innovations,” WITec’s success is based on introducing new technologies and a commitment to maintaining customer satisfaction with high-quality, flexible, and empowering products.

WITec GmbH

JPK Announces Collaboration with Abberior Instruments to Demonstrate STED Capability with their Nanowizard® AFM Systems

JPK Instruments announced a new demonstration capability at their Berlin headquarters. In collaboration with Abberior Instruments, visitors to JPK’s applications facility will be able to see STED capability demonstrated in conjunction with the NanoWizard

a program to demonstrate the combined features of their NanoWizard

real-time demonstrations of simultaneous confocal, STED, and AFM techniques.

® AFMs. JPK and Abberior have launched ® AFMs and STEDYCON systems and see

JPK Instruments AG and Abberior Instruments

Microscope Can Scan Tumors During Surgery and Examine Cancer Biopsies in 3D

For many types of cancer, there is no reliable way to determine during surgery whether the excised tissue is completely cancer-free at its margins. A new microscope invented by a team of University of Washington mechanical engineers and pathologists could help solve this and other problems. It can rapidly and non-destructively image the margins of large fresh tissue specimens with the same level of detail as traditional pathology in no more than 30 minutes.

University of Washington surgery-and-examine-cancer-biopsies-in-3-d

The Zeiss Global Centre in the School of Engineering at The University Of Portsmouth Uses Deben µXCT Stages to Characterize the Structural Competence of Biological Structures

Deben reports on how the new Zeiss Global Centre (ZGC) at the University of Portsmouth will use Deben’s mechanical stages for in situ µXCT studies of the structural competence of biological structures. T e ZGC is a strategic collaboration between the School of Engineering at the University of Portsmouth and Carl Zeiss Ltd.

Deben UK Limited


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