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Vision Engineering and Luxo Partnership Brings Magnifi ed Collaboration

Vision Engineering, a manufacturer of unique patented ergonomic inspection systems and Luxo Corporation, part of the Glamox Group and a widely recognized manufacturer of innovative arm-based illuminated bench magnifi ers and lighting solutions, have announced a new strategic business partnership. Vision Engineering will off er a full range of co-branded magnifi ers to the North American and Central Europe industrial markets directly and through their authorized distribution channel.

Vision Engineering and Luxo Corporation

New Imaging Software ZEISS ZEN 2 Core

With the new release of the imaging soſt ware ZEISS ZEN 2 core, users in laboratories are now even more effi cient. ZEISS ZEN 2 core is used as a powerful tool for image analysis and interactive control of

microscopes. As a lab infrastructure solution ZEISS ZEN 2 core is refl ecting multi-modal workfl ows in connected lab environ- ments with a single general user interface (GUI). Correlative workfl ows connect light, digital, and electron microscopes for more meaningful analysis.

Carl Zeiss AG

Advanced Instruments Announces Appointment of Byron Selman as CEO

Mr. Selman, new CEO of Advanced Instruments, came from Haemonetics Corporation, where he served most recently as President of Global Markets. Prior to Haemonetics, he spent over 20 years with Pall Corporation in various executive level and general management positions. Mr. Selman’s career has provided him with a broad range of experience across multiple functional disciplines including sales, marketing, business development, engineering, operations, and general management.

Advanced Instruments, LLC

NMRC Chooses the Quorum Q150 Coater when Coating Samples with Iridium

Quorum Technologies reports on the reliability and repeat- ability of metal fi lm deposition thickness achieved by the Q150T S coater, which is important to the Nanoscale & Microscale Research Centre at the University of Nottingham. T e Q150T has a very controllable, easily reproducible coat, helped by the turbo pump. T e reproducibility is very important because once a thickness is found that works, one needs to be able to reproduce it to 1 nm.

Quorum Technologies Limited


Oxford Instruments Asylum Research Application Note Oxford Instruments released an application note, “Toward Better Charge Storage: AFM Determines Key Electrical Double Layer (EDL) Properties in Future Ionic Liquid Electrolytes.” It describes how atomic force microscopy measurements are used to advance energy storage research. Ionic liquids are candidates to replace conventional electrolytes in next-generation batteries and electrochemical capacitors, however their properties are not as well understood. T e application note describes how AFM imaging and force measurements are helping elucidate ionic liquids properties at electrode interfaces.

Asylum Research, an Oxford Instruments company

MIT Researchers Use Deep-Cooled Princeton Instruments FPA Camera to Advance In Vivo Imaging in the SWIR

Princeton Instruments hails the introduction and evaluation of a new class of high-quality, indium-arsenide (InAs)–based, short-wave infrared (SWIR)–emitting quantum dots for use as in vivo imaging agents by researchers

at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A state-of-the-art Princeton Instruments NIRvana

electrically cooled indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) focal plane array (FPA) was employed in the quantum dot evaluation.

® camera featuring a thermo-

Princeton Instruments

The ZEISS Mining and Geosciences Applications Development Group Supplies and Uses Quorum’s Q150T Carbon and Sputter Coater

Quorum Technologies reports on how Carl Zeiss Microscopy has incorporated their Q150T coater into the specimen preparation protocol for their ruggedized analytical solutions supplied to the mining, geosciences, and oil and gas sectors. T e system, known as MinSCAN, is a mine-site mineralogy laboratory on wheels. A powerful data system enables an increase in profi ts through greater concentrated quality and reduced losses to tailings.

Quorum Technologies Limited

ULVAC Technologies Opens California Offi ce ULVAC Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of production systems, instrumentation, and vacuum pumps for technology industries, has opened an office in Santa Clara, California. The Silicon Valley office location gives ULVAC West Coast customers easier access to the company’s sales and service operations. It also locates company operations closer to the Japanese headquarters and various Asian markets. The new location will include a vacuum pump and leak detector repair center to serve the regional customer base.

ULVAC Technologies, Inc.

doi: 10.1017/S1551929517000712 • 2017 September

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