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PCSO report Police were aware of nuisance bikes in the area and residents should continue to report them. A dedicated ASB vehicle patrols all areas and responds to incidents. Surgeries had been cancelled until lockdown restrictions eased.

Community warden Liz Lovatt continued her work with vulnerable people, arranging social services referrals, helping sort out benets, providing food parcels and raising safeguarding concerns. Following a large y-tip in Butt Green Lane, evidence was given to the MBC environmental enforcement team. Speeding Cllr Hotson had received a letter from a Marlpit resident about the speed of traffic on Heath Road and dangers for pedestrians. The resident had asked for traffic calming and a speed limit reduction to 30mph. Cllr Hotson would arrange a site meeting with a highways officer and the resident . Open Quarter A resident expressed concern at the speed of traffic in The Quarries. It was noted that 20mph speed limit signs had been erected at either end of the road.The resident felt a repeater sign was required close to number 93, as vehicles speed round the bend as they near the junction with Cliff Hill. It was agreed to ask KCC for a repeater. Speed limit A resident had asked for a 20mph speed limit for the east end of Green Lane, between the Gandys Lane and Brishing Lane junctions. Advice had been sought from KCC but their response was that a 30mph speed limit was appropriate. The Lyewood development is due for completion at the end of 2021 so the issue should be added to the deferred items schedule. Cock Inn junction KCC had produced a draft plan for the Cock Inn junction giving priority to traffic on Green Lane rather than Brishing Lane. It was felt this could make the junction more dangerous. The clerk and Cllr Munford would continue liaising with KCC for a suitable solution. Village sign on the green Cllr Humphryes had repainted the steelwork. The double- sided sign would be made from UPVC. Bird feeders Cllr Redfearn had informed the primary school they could put bird feeders up in the trees on the green. Verge damage A letter had been received from a resident about damage to verges in Green Lane, allegedly caused by construction vehicles. The clerk had asked Crest for the verges to be raked and seeded in the spring and again in the Autumn. A response was awaited. Road name A name was required for the development to rear of 70 Church Street. Cllr Date suggested naming the road after John Phillips, who had carried out much voluntary work with older people in the parish. A vote was taken and the motion carried, but it was agreed that should rules dictate that this name could not be used at present, the road should be named after a fallen soldier.

Allotments Cllr Date advised that bonres were still being lit during daylight hours. The clerk had emailed all plot holders reminding them of the bonre rules. Village hall Railings had been installed around the patio behind the hall. Due to continuing antisocial and intimidating behaviour, the committee was looking to improve security – lighting, ANPR cameras and improved access to CCTV footage. Interest in hall bookings had increased with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

Climate emergency Cllr Jessel had produced an updated paper on biodiversity and climate change based on a commitment to net zero by 2030. The purpose of the paper was to give suggestions for achieving this through the parish council’s own efforts as well as by inuencing others. The paper was approved by the parish council and added to the website.

Chart Sutton

Police matters PCSO Gardner said two catalytic converters had been stolen from vehicles in Orchard Bank in January. There were no reported crimes in February. Community Together The balance of vouchers issued under the rst phase of the MBC Winter Grant (£120) had been redeemed in the Community Shop, and a cheque had been issued in reimbursement. A further cheque for £65 had been issued to Cllr FitzGerald for the printing costs of the leaets and vouchers. It was agreed that the Community Together Initiative would end on March 31. Annual parish meeting As social distancing rules will still be in place, and a Zoom meeting would not be accessible to all, the annual parish meeting was cancelled.

Football pitch Members discussed the outstanding football fees. Due to the pandemic limiting the number of games that could be played, it was agreed that Coxheath and Maidstone Inter would not be asked to pay their second half fees. It was also agreed that Bearsted FC be offered a refund, or to roll over the payment of their second half fees to next season. The clerk was to ask Landscape Services to re-mark the pitch in time for the re-start of matches. Ditches Norton Road ooded regularly, and despite contact with Kent Highways, the ditches were still blocked, and the culvert had not been cleared. The clerk was asked to contact Cllr Hotson for assistance in getting these works escalated. Play area Cllr Waring agreed to obtain a quote for some of the minor repairs/repainting as highlighted in the inspection report. Cllr Waring had ordered new chains for the swings, cut back the trees to the side and cleared the debris on the rubber matting. It was agreed it was not necessary to padlock the service gate, as suggested in the report. Cllr Waring would look into obtaining a sign for the entrance to the eld, as per the report.

Pavilion The annual electrical safety test was carried out in February, and BG Electrical had recommended a three-year interval for the next inspection. Three minor issues were highlighted and it was agreed to accept BG Electrical’s quote for £150 to rectify them. The clerk was asked to request a quote from BG to replace the fans in the heaters in both the home and away changing rooms and a budget of £200 was agreed. The clerk would also ask for a quote for a yearly inspection of RCD switches. Cllr Waring would arrange a quote for xing the changing room door. Snow issues There had been several complaints following the winter snow. Members discussed the lack of gritting/snow ploughing on Chart Hill Road and in the village, despite this being a bus route. It appears that although Kent Highways had contracted someone locally to clear the snow, this was not carried out. Cllrs Forknall and Waring agreed to use their snow ploughs to clear the snow in future, if required. The clerk was asked to contact Eric Hotson for his assistance with making Warmlake Road, Amber Lane and Brishing Road a priority, as this is a bus route and to request that Chart Hill Road is made a secondary route. Building work Cllr Forknall reported on the building work being carried out in the vicinity of Peacock Farm, Chart Hill Road. This had been reported, both by a neighbour and Cllr Waring, and the Enforcement team was looking into it. Members discussed the works being carried out at Thrift, Plough Wents Road, which was reported to Enforcement last summer. Cllr Waring asked that a notice be put in the village newsletter to encourage residents to report planning/ highways/public path issues directly. Grounds maintenance contract Members considered the 3% rise in the 2021 quote. It was agreed to accept the quote, but as in previous years the clerk was asked to write to Landscape Services to conrm the tasks that should only be carried out upon specic request by the parish council.


Neighbourhood Watch It was noted that a Neighbourhood Watch group was being organised in the parish. Although the parish council was pleased to see a group formed, it was agreed not to participate in setting it up. Additional funding would be very difficult to nd. Olympicnic A date of September 11 had been agreed by MBC. Toilets and a re extinguisher were available, but if collection was required on the Saturday there would be an extra charge of £100. Open spaces Cllr Weeks conrmed that the table tennis table was due to arrive by April 19, and should be installed that week. It should be available for use over the May bank holiday weekend. Mallards Park Cllr Cheesman requested that the gabion retaining wall was checked as the metalwork needed inlling.


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