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‘scaled back’ THE popular Kent County Show has been replaced by a summer fair this year, amid fears of a Coronavirus-related cancellation. The event will take place at the showgrounds in Detling on July 10 and 11.

It will be called The Kent County Summer Fayre, which aims to be a scaled-down version of the prestigious celebration of Kentish rural life.

Show chairman James Forknall said: “We could not take the risk of all the hard work needed to put on a large-scale event for it then to be potentially pulled at the last minute. "A smaller scale event is far more achievable within the timescale we have to organise. “It is so important to us this

year, to put on a show to help business owners grow after some very challenging times, whilst also encouraging the public to once again enjoy a great and safe day out. ” The event will feature show jumping, vintage vehicles and live music, as well as trade stands.

Advertisement Feature A question to save your beautiful life - Are you existing or living?

This title might sound dramatic, yet many people 'exist' rather than 'live'. What I mean by these terms might be different, so let me explain:


Existing: You are at the mercy of your feelings; it's hard for you to change your behaviours. You innocently act like a victim and blame people or things for the way you think and feel, so your only solution is to do the best you can to cope! You struggle to do your job and maintain harmony at home. Your mindset is busy with; it's just the way it is, or what's the point?

Living: You are curious about how quickly your feelings change, so don't take it too seriously. You know you have the creative potential to have a new, more


helpful, wise thought that gives you a sense of clarity and calm. You are not scared of the unknown. Instead, with innate resilience, you uncover solutions quickly. You resolve conflicts swiftly and don't take other people's realities personally.

No one's life needs saving; in truth, as part of nature, it's all a magical phenomenon! You have the choice to make this life count,

live it fully and make a difference, but are you going to pause for a moment and consider the quality of your thinking?

If this resonates and you are ready to feel and respond differently, get in touch to arrange a complimentary transformative coaching call: Tel: 020 3929 2000.


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Golf and bar scheme is agreed at games rooms

AFTER a year of lockdowns and restrictions on personal free- doms, residents will be keen to take advantage of all there is to be had in the county town. Two brothers, who are behind the idea for an “escape room”, now want to expand the concept to include an “adventure golf course” area in the bar.

Prison Island, in the former Zee Bar in Maidstone’s High Street, has 23 rooms with Crystal Maze- style tasks and puzzles.

Mike and Chris Knell, who run

the business, are looking to even- tually expand their remit to in- clude an adventure golf course with a bar area.

The duo sought a licence to sell alcohol at the bar which players could go to after their game. However, people without game bookings will also be able to use the facility. Mike Knell explained to coun-

cillors during a virtual meeting of Maidstone Borough Council’s li- censing committee on Tuesday, May 4, that visitors would not be allowed to consume alcohol while playing the escape games, but this may be allowed while people try their hand at adventure golf. An objection was received about

the impact the licence would po- tentially have on antisocial be- haviour and noise pollution.

However, Mr Knell explained these concerns would not be an issue because the facility is within the sound-insulated walls of a for- mer nightclub.

Kent Police agreed licensing conditions with the owners, giv- ing their go-ahead for the sale of alcohol between 11am and 11pm, Monday to Sunday, which was supported by committee mem- bers. childs-inner-brilliance-for-a-brighter-future/

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