Land plans ‘concerning for allotment holders’

THERE has been a mixed recep- tion to the announcement of a se- cret land acquisition by Bearsted Parish Council.

A holding has been donated to

the parish by landowners Richard and Dena Ashness to create an additional 48 allotment plots, a Dementia garden, and two new tennis courts.

The one-acre plot, which sits just off the Church Landway, will also feature a larger car park to re- lieve some of the traffic pressures at the current site. But existing allotments will be

moved to a new location, causing anger among some gardeners. Cllr Val Springett (pictured)

said: “Unfortunately, a lot of the discussions to do with this plan were carried out behind closed doors, so I really do not know anything about this proposal, other than it has something to do with expanding the allotments.

be used to rehome the current al- lotments, located next to the ten- nis club, allowing plots to be offered to the 23 people currently on a waiting list. The land, which will


around one to two years to pre- pare, will also be home to a de- mentia and children’s garden for schools and clubs to use. The parish council said al-

“To be honest, I’m not sure ev- eryone will be welcoming it.” Canon John Corbyn, vicar at Holy Cross Church, said: “I gather that some allotment hold- ers are less than happy and I do understand. But I suppose there is a short-term loss and longer term it’s win, win, win.”

A Bearsted parish council spokesman said the land would

though the project is “extremely exciting”, it is staying mindful of the position of current allotment holders and that a “comfortable transition period is needed”. A joint submission of the pro- ject will be prepared for Maid- stone Borough Council’s planning committee.

A spokesman added: “This en- tire process is conditional on per- missions being granted for the building of additional tennis and paddle courts and for the allot- ment being moved.”

News Crash injuries

A WOMAN in her 70s had to be cut from the wreckage of a car after a crash on the A249 near Maidstone. She was in a vehicle travelling

towards Sheppey on May 11 when it was in a collision with an- other car at about 5pm.

Firefighters had to use cutting equipment to free her and paramedics took the injured woman to hospital for treatment.

Craft market MAIDSTONE Market is launch-

ing a local producers and craft market on June 12. The event will run every second Saturday from June to September at 9am to 2pm. Send stall enquiries to jeffrobin-

Vintage sale

DETLING antiques, vintage and collectors’ market will take place on June 19 and 20. The event will take place at Kent Event Centre from 10am on both days.

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