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A new breakthrough treatment for dry eyes

Dry eye is a condition that

many people just suffer in silence with but now that can be quickly remedied. Award- winning opticians Buchanan Optometrists now offer E-Eye, a revolutionary new treatment to eradicate the discomfort of dry eyes or meibomian gland dysfunction.

The treatment is non-invasive and painless and can

completed in just a few minutes, providing lasting relief from gritty, sore, dry, irritable, blurry or watery

be eyes. Buchanan

Optometrists decided to invest in this innovative solution as an increasing number of dry eye sufferers came to their clinic having been unable to find relief

from their symptoms in other traditional treatments like eye drops. With E-Eye, you can reduce or even stop your drops and at home dry eye treatments.

The Kent-based opticians, founded by

Alisdair and

Kathryn Buchanan, spent time researching the effectiveness of E-Eye and found that it was able to deliver much better results than other solutions. E-Eye offers longer lasting relief from dry, blurry and watery eyes. The quick and easy procedure uses light to trigger the nerves attached

to the meibomian

glands to stimulate secretions and contraction of the gland. Alisdair Buchanan

(voted best Optometrist in the UK

2017-2018) is understandably excited to be able to offer this revolutionary new treatment to his clients and explained the impact it is having: “Treating dry eyes has always meant using drops or other at-home regimes. The amazing new E-Eye can often mean you need no more time-consuming daily treatments. It is a breakthrough, giving amazing results and relief to our clients.”

The statistics behind the

treatment shows that Buchanan Optometrists have probably found the best dry eye treatment in the market.


shows that 85-90% of people worldwide can make a significant improvement to both the clinical measurements of dry eye and the symptoms by using E-Eye. 95.7% of people recommend the treatment, with the majority of cases showing improvement after just 3 treatments.

Leaving dry eye untreated is more harmful than many people realise with long-term dryness sometimes leads to ulceration on your cornea and scarring. Your

eyesight is one of your body’s most precious functions and your eyes should be an area that you protect as well as you can. Just putting up with symptoms of dry eye is not just uncomfortable, it can also affect your long-term eye health. If you are suffering from dry eye symptoms, from mild irritation through to the more severe symptoms like impaired vision, book a consultation at Buchanan Optometrists to find out if E-Eye could be the right solution for you. Don’t let dry eyes dictate what you do. Fix your dry eye problem at its source. Find instant, long-lasting relief from dry eye by booking an appointment on 01622 535115.

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