6/ MAY 2021 THE RIDER Board Members And Contact Information

CRHRA correspondence:

President: Jack deWit Email: Cell: 905-424-4666

Vice-President: Patrick Connor Email: Phone: 613-484-1140

Office Phone Number (519) 941-6157 633419 ON-10 Mono, L9W 6Z1

Treasurer: Liz Franks

Email: Phone: 905-473-1265

Board Secretary: Heather Aitken Email: Phone: 519-767-8074

Operations Manager: Bonnie Simpson Email: Phone: 705-878-2684

Memberships: Tanya Email:

Directors/Regional Reps

Thorold, St Catherines, Welland, Niagara Mark Dobrindt

Email: Phone: 905-892-9769

Windsor, South Western Ontario John Aston

Email: Phone: 519-566-8377

Orangeville, ON Ross Millar (519) 942-3011 Work (416) 587-0003 Mobile

Working For The Future Of Recreational Canadians Community!!!

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm

New Office Phone Number 1-519-941-6157

The Office has Moved to 633419 On-10, Mono, ON L9W 6Z1 Tanya: Office Hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm

Our Office has moved again to Or-

angeville where Tanya has taken over our mem- bership processing. All so we have a new marketing, promotions and sponsorship pro- curement team. We are sad to say that Judy and Tiffany

have retired from our team as of April 11, 2021. They were invaluable to us!!!!!!!!! We hope that they enjoy their retirement and we will miss them 100%. Jack is also retiring as of Our AGM in September/October as President. His new role

will be a director and Ambassador for CRHRA. Like before, contact him directly at 905-424- 4666 if you are having an event and would like CRHRA representation. Our AGM date and location will be out in

the next issue. Please plan to attend by confer- ence call or possibly in person if Covid restric- tions are removed. We are looking for Board Members. Please send a brief Bio to Bonnie at for the board to review. You will be contacted if further information is required so please include email and phone. Our Website has been updated with contact information as well. Please remember you must fill out an ap-

plication form for each person that wishes to join. You can not just pay for 2 or more we need their information as well for the insurance ben- efit that is sent to BFL. Our website now contains a section on

Equestrian Canada Disappointed Canadian Show Jumping Team Remains Disqualified From Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Court of Arbitration for Sport exonerates Nicole Walker and highlights her commitment to clean sport

Ottawa, ON, May 4, 2021 – Equestrian Canada (EC) has learned of the reasoned rulings by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in the Arbitral Award con- cerning Nicole Walker, EC and The Pan American Sports Organ- ization. EC is firmly committed to

clean sport and recognizes the breach in the Panam Sports Anti- Doping Rules during the Lima 2019 Pan American Games. We also believe in fully supporting our athletes through the execu- tion of those rules with fairness and technical precision. EC is pleased that the CAS

Panel accepted that Nicole did not ingest benzoylecgonine, a metabolite of cocaine, intention- ally or unintentionally, at any rel- evant time on or prior to Aug. 7, 2019. Furthermore, the Panel ac- cepted that the Adverse Analyti- cal Finding (AAF), which indicated the presence of a pro- hibited substance, “was the result, and only the result of, the unin- tentional ingestion of cocaine… as a result of her using a teabag containing cocaine which she took from the breakfast service area of the Los Incas Lima Hotel.” However, EC is extremely

Yor coplete equine soutios patne since 1987

disappointed that despite the Panel’s recognition of Nicole’s integrity and commitment to clean sport, her affected results at Lima 2019 were not reinstated, resulting in the Canadian Show Jumping Team remaining dis- qualified from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. EC has stood by Nicole

throughout the discipline and ap- peals process and together, we will explore the option of appeal- ing the CAS decision to the Swiss Federal Tribunal in Lausanne, SUI.

frequently asked questions concerning the appli- cation form. We correspond with our members through

THE RIDER please purchase a subscription when you join, Take Advantage of the special The Rider is of- fering to CRHRA members to log into their on- line site.

Link for the Rider: For new members BFL does not issue

paper policies when you join but does provide a contact person for you to call if you have ques- tions or issues. On the back of your membership tags is your policy number or you can use the order number. Have that ready when you call. 1- 800-668-5901 Stephanie Kirton. We urge you to call BFL as they can an- swer your insurance questions as we are NOT

Insurance People we ONLY provide opportunity for reasonable insurance as a benefit. If we all do our part, stay home, do not so-

cialise, do not travel out of your area and do not use other’s resources. Get Vaccinated as soon as possible!!! Wear

a good fitting mask even after you are vacci- nated. New variants are more powerful and spread easier. Each time someone goes outside their neighbourhood they can infect someone who otherwise was safe in a low risk area. Please think about our future!!!!! Do you want to live like this for years to come.!!!!! Face Masks are Face Art!! Wear them with


Be Smart!!! Be Safe!!! Bonnie



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