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Obituary In 2004 Bob Tweed

and Fly Away Mac were in- ducted in to the Ontario Quarter Horse Hall Of Fame. The Rider published two stories written by Lynda Harrison Sisson. We have reprinted them below.

Bob Tweed One of the founding

members of OQHA, Bob Tweed has served the Asso-

Bob Tweed

ciation with great distinction over its history. He was an OQHA Director for 15 years, serving for 3 years as Vice-President. Bob helped found the OQHA Breeders’ Futurity and served as its chairman for a number of years. He was also advisor to the Congress Youth Team.

Bob Tweed is noted

for importing the first regis- tered Quarter Horse Stal-

lion, Fly Away Mac, to On- tario in 1955 and, along with his family showed him and his offspring with great success over a number of years.

An often unacknowl-

edged sponsor of many events, over the years Bob Tweed has used his consid- erable business acumen and impressive knowledge of horses to the great better- ment of Ontario’s Quarter Horse industry and inclusion in the OQHA Hall of Fame is a fit- ting tribute to his service.

Fly Away Mac (1954-1987) A

chance visit to a New York State farm advertising Quarter Horses for sale, by Bob Tweed,

in the mid 1950’s led to

From Our Founder

Remembering May 1987

May 1987 was a good

month for the Western and Eng- lish Horse industry. Ontario had hundreds of shows scheduled for the up coming show circuits.

Timber Trail Western Riders

has made The Rider/ Canadian Quarter Horse Journal their offi- cial publication.. The club started their news in the May ‘87 Issue.

A $5,000 reward was being

offered by Tullow Racing Stables of Niagara Falls in the Vicious beating of a two month old Thor- oughbred Filly. The Filly was valued at $35,000 and was a granddaughter of Nijinsky II .

The White Oaks Saddle

Club announced plans for their White Oaks International Horse Show on August 7-9.

Russ Tomson was featured

on our front page. Russ excelled at Barrel Racing and other speed events. He made his debut in 1971 with Chico Furry. His Quar- ter Horse, gelding Sugar Toad, was the High Point games horse three years in a row with the Cedar Valley Riders.

Joe Carter was in a photo

taken at the 1987 awards banquet at the Grand Cypress Hotel in Or- lando, Florida.

John Deere signed a Corpo-

rate Sponsorship with The Na- tional Cutting Horse Association.

The Ontario Veterinary Col- lege invited all Alumni members

Construction of the exter-

nally funded Guelph Centre for Equine Research was approved by the Board of Governors. The cost was $2.5 million and was awarded to Weber’s Construc- tion.

Positive Rabies cases diag-

nosed in 1986 increased 68% over 1985 reaching a total of 4,131 cases.

The Ontario Agricultural

Museum, a high profile 32 hectare site near Hwy. 401 in Milton, was being billed as a show piece for On- tario’s agri- food industry.

The WHAO were advertis-

ing 25 horse shows including one put on by Shopsey’s. Greg Falsetti, president, was very pleased that they had 20 Senior Judges and 5 Junior Judges on their roster for 1987.

Do you love Fergus? Visit his website at:

A new Carriage Mu-

seum opened in Stony Brooks, New York on June 10.

Dressage was now

boasting about the new “Southern Ontario Dres- sage Society”. The organ- ization was promoted by Elaine Ward.

The WHAO were pro-

moting their own show “Extravaganza ‘87” at the Paris Fair Grounds. If you

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his purchase (as a yearling) of Fly Away Mac and thus, to the importing of the first registered Quarter Horse Stallion to Ontario. It proved to be a wise

choice on Bob’s part, as Fly Away Mac was to become one of the most important horses in the founding of Ontario’s Quarter Horse in- dustry. At Halter, Mac won 15

Grand Championships. He was also shown successfully

to attend the opening of their new Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The event was considered one of the worlds finest, said Martha Leibbrandt co - ordinator of com- munications at the college.

at Western Pleasure, West- ern Riding, Reining, Trail and Hunt Seat, attaining a Performance Register of Merit and an AQHA Cham- pionship for his efforts. All these feats were accom- plished during an era when shows were rarer, horses fewer and the old point sys- tem prevailed. Also, Bob Tweed frequently used Fly Away Mac as his mount for the group trail rides that were so popular at the time.

Jeep Corporation presented

4 Grand Wagoneers at the 1987 AQHA Convention to owners of top Quarter Horses in four divi- sions.

Ivex Limited of Northern

Ireland, a Pharmaceutical com- pany, unveiled a new formulated product that replaces the valuable lost minerals of top eventing horses.

The Federal Government’s

newly formed Farm Debt Review Board offered a fresh approach to Canadian farm debt. The 10 Provincial Boards were set up in 1986 and were proving a valu- able asset.

A s

eve ryone knows, a stallion’s true worth is shown in the achievements of his get, and there too Fly Away Mac excelled. There were few regis-

tered Quarter Horse mares in the province in those days, so, in spite of being much in demand and a pro- lific sire, only a fraction of his progeny were registered. Nevertheless, his 22

never got a chance to show or visit the event then you missed one of the greatest and friendliest shows of the season. Les Sowden was Chairman.

Kemptville College of Agri-

cultural Technology expanded the Agronomy Research Station land base by over 100 acres. Jack Riddell Minister of Agriculture announced that the government was putting up $138,000 for the land purchase.

Schering Animal Health an-

nounced their new Vaccine for Potomac Horse Fever.

The Rider featured a first.

We published a Horse Trailer Edition.

Melodie Nelles of Caledo-

nia, Ontario won the Top Quarter Horse All Round 13 years and under rider in the province. Orville Dowie OQHA president presented Melodie with a Man- O- War print.

The Ontario Ministry of

Agriculture and Food agreed to channel an additional $1.2 mil- lion into the Ontario Veterinary College for Farm Animal Health Improvements.

My Turn This winter has taken it’s toll

on life long originators of the Western and English Horse In- dustry.

We recently lost Eva Maria

offspring that did perform attained a total of 838.5 AQHA points. They in- cluded a race winner, 2 AQHA Champions, 2 Supe- rior Halter, 1 Superior Per- formance and 1 Reserve Youth World Champion. Fly Away Mac was

truly a great representative of the Quarter Horse Breed.

Pracht and Harry J. Witteveen. We lost Peter Emick and Roy Ionson and Bob Tweed. I am sure we have lost more of the “ Orig- inal Pioneers”, the founders and builders of the Ontario and Cana- dian Horse Industry. Our sincere condolences go out to the fami- lies and friends of all those that were lost.

I am not sure where we are

with horse shows and rodeos this season.. 2020 was lost to the Virus. I do know that the Milton Fair and the West Niagara Fair have cancelled.

What about the Carnies that

bring their shows and entertain- ment to our communities? The lost employment by locals who work the show. Can the Carnivals survive without shows? How many will be left standing when this all ends? It does not look like it will end this show season so no Awards banquets to honour our top riders and horses.

So please be careful and pro-

tect yourself. Even if you are vac- cinated, you still need to be cautious.

Stay safe, you are responsi-

ble to report Elder, Child and An- imal abuse.

in this corner.

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