MAY 2021 THE RIDER /15 Equine Guelph Offers New Industry Certificate

Guelph, ON April 21, 2021 - Equine Guelph has an- nounced it will offer a new Equine Emergency Pre- paredness Certificate. Re- quirements for the new certificate program include completion of two of Equine Guelph’s

online short

courses: Equine First Aid and Fire & Emergency Pre- paredness. In recognition of Emer-

gency Preparedness Week (May 2-8, 2021), a national

finish up learning activities and earn their certificate. The interactive community is what really sets Equine Guelph online courses apart, boasting lively discussion boards and access to expert instructors and guest speak- ers.

Equine First Aid will be

offered May 3 – 10, with in- structor, Dr. Laura Frost, from Halton Equine Veteri- nary Services. Dr. Frost was previously on the Advisory

with your local fire department, identify disaster risks in your area, learn what to do if a fire occurs, assessing your farm and creating your own safety plans and disaster plan. “Equine Guelph’s Fire & Preparedness


course was even more helpful and interesting than I thought it would be! In a week, I learned so much from experts in and out of the horse community, and would definitely recom- mend it to anybody who owns

or cares for horses.” Kathryn G. – Horse Owner and Groom (Chris Delia Stables, Mohawk Racetrack). Accidents and injuries can

happen at any time and any- where. It is essential that every- one involved with horses invests in education on both emergency preparedness and first aid. Don’t let an unpre- dicted circumstance result in panic. Preparation and knowl- edge are the keys to executing a plan calmly and confidently

for a successful outcome. Equine Guelph is offering

deep discount for the courses, with the two offerings begin- ning May 3 and 17, required to complete the new Equine Emergency Preparedness Cer- tificate. Registrations are open at!

Story by: Equine Guelph staff Photo Credit(s): Wound - Kath- leen Kocmarek, Barn fire rescue - Barbara Sheridan Photography

event supported by Public Safety Canada, Equine Guelph is offering both courses in May, with the Equine First Aid course start- ing on May 3. Equine Guelph is offering $50 in savings to students that take both Equine First Aid and Fire and Emergency Pre- paredness online courses this

Committee for the Ontario Veterinary College and has a keen interest in lameness, di- agnostic imaging, reproduc- tion and dentistry. In one week she introduces students to the do’s and don’ts of first aid, covering: how to per- form a horse health check, common and severe in- juries/sickness, wound man-

May. For a total of just $125, students can double down on their preparedness while earning Equine Guelph’s new Equine Emergency Pre- paredness Certificate! Horses rely on their

owners for good daily care and to provide the essentials of friends, forage and free- dom. Horse owners are quick to care for their every need and tend to notice when they are not feeling themselves, but what happens when the really unexpected occurs? No one wants to think

an emergency or disaster could happen to them. “Hope is not a strategy!” Equine Guelph director, Gayle Ecker often advises. “We are very pleased to offer this wonderful opportunity for horse owners and care givers to invest in prevention and preparedness.” The new Emergency

Preparedness Certificate is comprised of two short on- line courses running just one week each with a time com- mitment of 5 – 10 hours each (with opportunities for ex- plore additional resources). Students love the flexible study with no set times to be online. They are also granted two additional weeks after the courses are completed to

agement, “This



bandaging, and your first aid kit.

course was

amazing. I learned so many new things as well as re- freshed what I already knew about equine first aid. The instructors are so thorough and really drive the informa- tion home with you so it sticks. As much as I don’t want to be in a situation where I have to use what I learned in this course, I feel that I could use what I learned and be confident doing so.” Paige Kreutzwiser,

Owner (Wingham ON). Stu- dent – Equine First Aid.

Fire & Emergency Pre-

paredness will be offered May 17 – May 25, with re- turning guest speaker, Dr. Rebecca (Gimenez) Husted, internationally renowned for her instruction of Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue. The discussion boards will be on fire as Husted shares her vast array of experiences with emer- gency rescues and her ex- pertise


preparedness. Topics will in- clude: reducing the risk of a barn fire, identifying local resources, how to connect

1-877-TRYAVIA (519) 264-2354

RR #1, 8782 Longwoods Road, Mt. Brydges, ON N0L 1W0


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