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Q.R.O.O.I.: 50 Alexander Crossing’s, Ajax, ON L0S 1T6 Telephone: (905) 426-7050 • Fax: (905) 426-7093 Email:

Training Days At Ajax Downs - Update

Hello all, In light of the province recently ex-

tending the “lockdown” an additional two weeks and the current trends and numbers that we are seeing in the province, we have decided to follow the extension and push out opening training day to hopefully Wednesday May 12, 2021. This was to be opening day of racing, so we will be reviewing the race day schedule and will have further news about that at a later date once we get a better understanding of the environment and where the province is at and the colour code that the Durham region will be in and how much training we can get in, etc. All unclear at this time.

For the time being the first day of

scheduled training will be for breezing only with a potential for gate work on that day but we will confirm that at a later date and time. We will continue to monitor the environment and finalize a date for the commencement of racing. We will follow the original training day schedule less the Thursdays and sub in the Wednesday race days for training day and continue with the Sunday May 16, Monday May 24 and Sunday May 30 days. If there is a chance of starting racing by June 2nd or earlier, we will consider adding more training days prior to that potential opening race day. Of course this once again is all subject to change in this very fluid environment that we are in.

Thanks for your continued patience.

Emilio Trotta Ajax Downs Racetrack 905-686-8001 ext 244

PRESIDENT Bob Broadstock 18101 Cedardale Road, Nestleton, Ontario L0B 1L0 (905) 986-0044 email:

VICE-PRESIDENT Chantelle Bourgeois 416-985-7046

James Bogar

Scott Reid

Amanda McCormack

Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario Inc. News

Race Horse Applications Please remember to submit your Race-

horse applications to Ontario Racing for ac- creditation well before entering the horse to race as ON Bred or ON Sired. Allow at least 2 weeks for processing if all paperwork is in order.

Applications can be found at https://on-

t a r i o r a c i n g . c o m / m e m b e r - information/breeds/quarter-horse/quarter-hor se-program.

Submit to:

QH Program Ontario Racing PO Box 160 Campbellville, ON L0P 1B0 PH: 416-477-5529 FX: 416-477-5499

iAGCO - How to Renew your Horse Racing-related Licences

ATTENTION HORSEPERSONS How to Renew your Horse Racing-related Licences Horse racing licensees are required to renew their licence online through the iAGCO por- tal at Be sure to renew your licences well before the expiry date to ensure you are in good standing be- fore your next race date.

• Individual Horseperson licences (e.g. Owner, Trainer, Groom) expire on your birthday • Stable and Partnerships licences expire one year from date of issue You can check the status and expiry

date of a licence anytime by going to and scrolling down to “Search For Licences / Permits / Authoriza- tions

/ Registrations”. (01/2021)

How to Renew a Licence Licences may be renewed up to 5 years

after their expiry date. Do not select “New Ap- plication”. If you have not yet set up an iAGCO Account • Your online Access Code will be included in the renewal letter mailed to you 60 days before your licence is set to expire • Go to and create an ac- count • For information on using iAGCO for the first time, visit Getting Started with iAGCO


racing/guides/chapter-2-getting-started-iagco If you have already set up an iAGCO

Account • Log into your account, scroll down to see your licences, then click the green “Renew” button which will appear 60 days be- fore your licence is set to expire. NOTE: • If you have already set up an iAGCO Account but did not put in your access code you will not see the “Renew” button. In this case, please call Customer Service for your code: 1- 800-522-2876. • To avoid having multiple ac-

counts, you may add multiple access codes to your main account (if for example you also have a stable or partnership). To do this go to “My Profile ”.

Trainers Seminar - Postponed A Trainers Seminar that was scheduled

by the Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario Inc for Saturday May 8th, 2021 has been post- poned due to the COVID lockdown. We will decide on a new date in the future. You can still register. To register please contact Monique at the QROOI Head Office at 905-426-7050 or by email at Licensing Info Please remember about renewing your License for 2021. Here is the link to the iAGCO web- site: iAGCO - Login Here is the toll free number for your ac-

cess code, if you have not created an account: 800-522-2876

QROOI 2021 Stakes Program Update

like to thank those of you who took the time to attend our AGM this past Saturday. As dis- cussed, Covid-19 has again delayed the start of racing in 2021. Unfortunately there is still significant uncertainty about a potential start date and that is why the QROOI Board have decided to continue accepting nominations to all stakes races without the collection of any fees. From May 1st forward all nomination and sustaining payments will not be charged until the 2021 racing season start date has been established. You still must provide the entry forms and nominate for the stakes, the

The QROOI Board of Directors would

only change is that we will not collect pay- ment.

2021 season the Board will adjust the stakes program as needed with new racing dates as well as new payment dates and distribute it immediately. We hope that you all are staying safe and or 905-426- 7050 if you have any questions.

CPMA Industry Notice: Recommendations for Reducing the Risk of a Positive Test in Racehorses

mendations for Reducing the Risk of a Positive Test in Race- horses.

following recommendations to assist horsepersons and minimize the risk of a positive test in their racehorse(s):

The Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency (CPMA) provides the

Human prescription medications and/or non-prescription supplements: • Do not let racehorses, their feed, supplements or equipment come into contact with human medications or supplements. • Prohibit people from urinating or spitting in stalls. • Ensure that people wash their hands immediately after touching or taking medications, and before touching a racehorse or asso- ciated equipment.

Bedding • Ensure that tulip poplar and related wood is not used when bed- ding horses on shavings. This may result in a positive test for

See the March 23, 2021 CPMA Industry Notice: Recom-

glaucine. The use of 100% pine shavings is a safer choice. Compounded medications, supplements and natural prod- ucts: • Do not apply the CPMA’s Elimination Guidelines to com- pounded medications because their elimination from the horse may be different from that of an approved veterinary medication. • Only feed horses supplements prescribed by a veterinarian.

Cobalt salts & vitamin B12: • Discontinue all supplements within 48 hours of the race. This will reduce, but not eliminate, the risk of a positive test. • Keep in mind that longer withdrawal times may be required for horses that have received repeated doses of cobalt-containing supplements and vitamin B12 because cobalt levels can build up, resulting in elevated levels for prolonged periods of time. • Cease any use of multiple supplements containing cobalt or vi- tamin B12.

Cannabis: • Do not use supplements or products derived from cannabis (e.g.,

CBD supplements, hemp oil) on horses. • Do not use or allow cannabis products around horses. • Wash hands immediately after touching or taking cannabis prod- ucts and before touching a racehorse or associated equipment.

Capsaicin: • Ensure that oral supplements or other oral products containing capsaicin are not administered or fed within 48 hours of a race. • Do not feed cayenne pepper or other spices to a horse. • Discontinue applications of topical products (e.g. ointments, lin- iments) that contain capsaicin within 48 hours of a race.

The CPMA strongly recommends that you: • Consult your veterinarian on any decision to administer supple- ments or medications to a horse. • Subscribe to receive Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency email noti- fications: Email Subscription Service.

If you have any questions, please contact the CPMA at 1-800- 268-8835 or

getting vaccinated so that we may see an end to these Covid-19 delays once and for all. Please feel free to contact Monique at

Once we have an official start date for the

Sean Slater

Ralph Pearson - 905-243-4501

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