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Director’s Report

Top 10 countries, based on membership statistics: 1. United States - 196,007 2. Canada - 12,995 3. Germany - 5,2954 4. Mexico - 2,085 5. Italy - 1,717 6. Austria - 909 7. France - 896 8. Sweden - 661 9. Switzerland - 639 10. Netherlands - 600

AQHA Executive Vice Presi- dent Craig Huffhines An- nounces Resignation Craig Huffhines has made

By Kathy M. Patterson AQHA Director

2020 AQHA Annual Report The American Quarter

Horse Association has released the 2020 AQHA Annual Report, which is available to download at The annual report contains com- plete statistics for AQHA mem- bership, horse registrations and transfers, show and race statis- tics, and more. Included in the Annual Report are the top-10 membership countries in 2020:

the following statement. “After much thought and deliberation, I have made the decision to pursue an opportunity in the equine and livestock industry and will be leaving the American Quarter Horse Association. My last day will be May 17. It has been an honour and a privilege to serve as executive vice president of the world’s largest equine organiza- tion. I am proud of my staff, the AQHA Past Presidents, AQHA Executive Committee and AQHA Board of Directors, whom I served over the past six years. What we have accom- plished together during my tenure is quite remarkable. Some of these accomplishments in- clude navigating business during a worldwide pandemic, institut- ing welfare reform standards for the horse, stewarding a major in- formation technology challenge, providing remote service capabil-

ities for membership services, as- sembling a talented and passion- ate leadership team, and creating financial stability and sustain- ability, all which position AQHA as a modern service provider for the equine industry. AQHA’s staff and leadership team are poised for good things to come with AQHA business and mem- bership transactions in an upward trend.”

The AQHA Executive

Committee has appointed Chad Pierce as the interim executive vice president. The Executive Committee is committed to find- ing the right person to fill the role and continue the momentum they have created to propel AQHA into the future. Chad has been with AQHA for more than 12 years as the Association’s chief legal counsel. Prior to his tenure with AQHA, Chad was on staff with the Underwood Law Firm in Amarillo, where he served as the lead attorney for AQHA support beginning in 2003. He has suc- cessfully navigated countless equine welfare cases for the As- sociation to set a standard to pro- tect the American Quarter Horse. His knowledge of equine case law and Association corporate nuances are second to none, and he has been the standard bearer for the multitude of contract co- ordination with sponsors, corpo- rate partners and a plethora of industry vendors. Chad holds a bachelor’s degree from the Uni- versity of Texas and law degree

from Texas Tech University. More information about

the official search to fill the posi- tion will be available soon.

AQHA Congratulates Show Leaders AQHA annually recog-

nizes the top point earners in each division of every AQHA event. Horses are recognized in the open division, and youth and amateurs competing with any one horse are recognized in their respective divisions. The divi- sions are further broken down into Rookie, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. In addition to the lead- ers in each class, AQHA also named the 2020 year-end all- around award winners. Each year, AQHA recognizes the Markel Insurance overall All- Around Youth, AQHA All- Around Youth 14-18 and AQHA All-Around Youth 13-&-Under in the youth division; the AQHA All-Around Amateur and AQHA All-Around Select Amateur in the amateur division; the AQHA All-Around Junior Horse and Senior Horse awards; and lead- ing open-division exhibitor. Markel Insurance All-Around Youth and AQHA All-Around Youth 14-18: Midknight Invita- tion and Jessica McAllister of Southbury, Connecticut AQHA All-Around Youth 13- &-Under: Just Call Me Lazy and Emma Dejong of Bargersville, Indiana AQHA All-Around Amateur

OMSSU Horse Heroes Maximus Maximus is a quarter

horse with an exceptional personality. He is smart and likes to be up close and personal with whomever he meets. His one wild eye (blue) and chestnut coat attracts many onlookers. Many time Max’s curiosity overtakes him and he must indulge which sometimes gets him in trouble. He is back in training to ride again and is a pleasure to work with. Max’s participa- tion in equine therapy clinics allowed clients to let their guard down and let the healing begin. He is real joy to be around. We often say here comes Mr. Personality Plus+.

Searchable, Shareable, Connected

CQHA and Purina Promotion - Buy 3, Get 1 FREE (Effective during the entire month of May 2021. Maximum 1 free bag per member) As a cornerstone of the partnership be-

tween Purina Canada and CQHA, Purina Canada is creating opportunities to support the Canadian Quarter Horse community. To introduce the new partnership be-

tween Purina Canada and CQHA, Purina Canada has put together an exclusive offer for CQHA members in Ontario as well as those who are members of their provincial AQHA affiliate for the month of May. During this time, the team at Purina

recognize many of you are looking for ways to provide optimal nutrition for your horses, while minimizing expenses. In some cases your horse is not able to exer- cise as much as you had planned. Purina offers a full range of products

with quality ingredients and manufactured in a drug free Canadian plant. All feeding programs can be adapted to suit your own horses individual nutri-

tional requirements while working within your budget. Purina horse feeds are widely distributed throughout Ontario. In an effort to help you both nutrition-

ally and economically, we encourage you to take advantage of a special offer for CQHA and OQHA members by reaching out to Purina Connect by email at con- with your name, phone number, your membership number, your re- gional Ontario Purina Equine Nutrition Consultant will reach out to discuss your equine nutrition program, provide a simple convenient way to request 3 bags (mix n match optional) and get 1 bag for your horse(s) at no charge.

Note: Feeding the appropriate Purina equine nutritional program recommended, will result in your savings and far exceed the value of the 1 free bag!

The Canadian Quarter Horse Association is an affiliate of the AQHA. Annual membership is free to current members of AQHA. To enroll on-line, visit the CQHA web site:, and choose

Choose “Affiliates” to link to provincial Quarter Horse & Racing Association sites. Contact: CQHA President,

Gilles Seguin, ph: 613-293-6176, email:

and Select Amateur: Investin A Goodbar and Scott Allen Reinartz of Aubrey, Texas AQHA All-Around Junior Horse: Snap It Send It, owned by Kent Ray Taylor of Mesa, Ari- zona AQHA All-Around Senior Horse: Whose Your Bay Bae, owned by Kelly M. Birkenholtz of Newton, Iowa AQHA Leading Exhibitor: Chad Evans of Elizabeth, Col- orado

AQHA has modified the

top year-end high-point award presentations in response to member feedback. The new award presentations will high- light winners at their respective AQHA world championship shows in front of more of their family and peers; showcase them on the live webcast during each show; and give their American Quarter Horses the opportunity to join them on the arena floor to re- ceive their awards – as a team! The top Level 3 youth year-end high-point winners, Markel All- Around Youth, AQHA All- Around Youth 14-18, AQHA All-Around Youth 13-&-Under and top youth Justin Boots Inter- mediates of the Year will be rec- ognized during the Ford Youth World, slated for July 28 - August 8 at the OKC Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City. The top Level 3 open, amateur and Equestrians With Disabilities year-end high- point winners; AQHA All- Around Amateur; AQHA

All-Around Junior Horse; AQHA All-Around Senior Horse; AQHA Exhibitor of the Year; Justin Boots Intermediates of the Year; Nutrena Don Burt AQHA Professional Horseman of the Year; Nutrena AQHA Profes- sional Horsewoman of the Year; and Most Valuable Professional will be recognized throughout the 2021 Farnam AQHA World and Adequan® Select World, slated for November 1-20 at the OKC Fairgrounds. More details will be shared directly with the top year- end award winners.

Memoriam We were all saddened

again this month to hear of the passing of another founding member of the Ontario Quarter Horse Association. Mr Bob Tweed of Waterloo Ontario passed away at the age of 92. He was a director and Vice- Presi- dent for many years and was in- ducted into the OQHA Hall of Fame in 2004. Bob was a great contributor to the Breeders Futu- rity and the Ontario Quarter Horse Youth Association. Con- dolences to the Tweed family as we remember this generous and caring man! Till next time, remember to

visit the OQHA, AQHA, and CQHA websites for Quarter Horse news! If I can be of assistance,

please contact me at: Ph: (519) 949-4956 or by e-mail at:

“Membership” section.

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