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Aservo™ EquiHaler™, industry-first therapy for se- vere equine asthma, now available in Canada

Aservo™ Equi-

Haler™, industry-first ther- apy for severe equine asthma, now available in Canada • Aservo™ EquiHaler™ (ci- clesonide inhalation solu- tion) leverages synergies between the company’s human pharma and animal health divisions to set new standards of care • An industry first in equine medicine, the inhaler ad- dresses an unmet need for horses with asthma. • The company continues to set new standards of care to strengthen its commitment to animal welfare. Burlington,


Canada, March 30, 2021 – Boehringer Ingelheim Ani- mal Health Canada Inc. has been granted marketing au- thorization for Aservo™ EquiHaler™, an inhaled therapy for horses with se- vere asthma. While inhaled thera-

pies for the treatment of asthma are common in human health, the Aservo™ EquiHaler™ marks an in- dustry first in equine medi- cine in Canada. Until now, there have been no approved inhalant therapies licensed for use in horses with equine asthma. Equine asthma leads

to inflammation of the air-

Aservo™ EquiHaler™ inte- grates the Soft Mist™ tech- nology from the human Respimat® inhaler allowing medication to be inhaled deep into a horse’s lungs. It is designed specifically for horses, with a nostril adap- tor that fits gently in the nose of the horse for direct delivery of the medicated mist.

“Humans and animals

ways which causes horses to experience


wheezing, difficulty exercis- ing, slow recovery from ex- ercise and in severe cases horses struggle to breathe, even at rest.1 It affects 11-

17 percent of horses.2,3 Developed after more

than a decade of collabora- tion between Boehringer In- gelheim’s

Pharmaceutical and Animal Health businesses,

Human the

are connected in deep and complex ways, and we know that when animals are healthy, humans are health- ier too,” said Randy Trum- pler, Business Unit Director, Equine, Boehringer Ingel- heim Animal Health

Canada. “The Aservo™ EquiHaler™ is a great ex- ample of how Boehringer Ingelheim is helping en- hance wellbeing through in- novative solutions that truly benefit horses and their owners.” Equine asthma is

often triggered by exposure to high concentrations of airborne dust particles, which leads to obstruction of the lower airways. These particles are commonly found in hay and bedding. The active ingredient



DMAC™ Family

in the Aservo™ Equi- Haler™ is ciclesonide, a corticosteroid that is only activated once it reaches the lung, where it reduces the lower airway inflammation associated with equine asthma. Aservo™ Equi-

DMac™ PLUS New Updated Formula

Directions for use

Feed two level scoops (40g) per day for two weeks, then one scoop (20g) as daily maintenance.

Haler™ was developed with sustainability in mind. The Soft Mist™ technology de- livers medication in a fine mist generated by tension, not propellants, so it does not produce greenhouse gas emissions. The inhaler has been responsibly manufac- tured with the body of the inhaler made from up to 50% recycled materials. In


addition, Ingelheim

Canada has partnered with TerraCycle to introduce a national recycling program for used Aservo™ Equi- Haler™ devices. Veterinari- ans and horse owners can send in their used Aservo™ EquiHaler™ to


processed and diverted from landfill sites. Once col- lected, the plastic material is melted down, formed into pellets and shaped into hard plastic to be used in items like shipping pallets and park benches. “Aservo™ Equi-

1 kg All Sizes Always available DMac™ in all sizes! NEW LOOK.

Same great product.

911 Emergency Paste

Haler™ is an innovative therapy made possible by years of research and collab- oration,” Trumpler said. “Not only will it offer the promise of relief to horses with severe asthma, our commitment to sustainabil- ity ensures it is produced re- sponsibly and can be kept out of landfill sites with our recycling program.” The

approval of

Aservo™ EquiHaler™ comes following a joint sub- mission from Boehringer In- gelheim in Canada and the United States that saw regu- latory agencies from both countries participate in a collaborative


process. The regulatory agencies for each country maintained the right to de- termine whether a product was approved for its own market. The joint submis- sion and simultaneous re- view mark an important achievement in international regulatory cooperation. 1-877-825-7325

References 1Couëtil, L.L., Cardwell, J.M., Gerber, V., Lavoie, J.P., Léguillette, R., Richard, E.A. (2016) ‘Inflammatory Airway Disease of Horses – Revised Consensus State- ment’, Journal of Veterinary

Internal Medicine, 30, pp. 503-515. 2 Couëtil, L.L., Ward MP. Analysis of risk factors for recurrent airway obstruction in North American horses: 1,444 cases (1990-1999). J Am Vet Med Assoc 2003;223:1645–50. 3 Wasko, A.J., Barkema, H.W., Nicol, J., Fernandez, N., Logie, N. and Léguil- lette, R., 2011. Evaluation of

a risk-screening question- naire to detect equine lung inflammation: results of a large field study. Equine veterinary journal, 43(2), pp.145-152. Aservo™, EquiHaler™ and Soft Mist™ are trademarks of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbH, used under license.

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and humans are intercon- nected in deep and complex ways. We know that when animals are healthy, humans are healthier too. Across the globe, our 9,700 employees are dedicated to delivering value through innovation, thus enhancing the well- being of both. Respect for animals,

humans and the environ- ment is at the heart of what we do. We develop solutions and provide services to pro- tect animals from disease and pain. We support our customers in taking care of the health of their animals and protect our communities against life- and society- threatening diseases. Boehringer Ingelheim

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