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Hinojosa enters the French cardboard packaging market with the acquisition of Allard Emballages


inojosa, a leading global packaging solutions company in the Iberian Peninsula, has completed the acquisition of the

French company Allard Emballages. With its entry into the French

cardboard packaging market, the company continues the international expansion that began with the addition of the Portuguese company Graphicsleader to the group at the beginning of the year. Hinojosa seeks to improve its

customers’ experience by providing them with a comprehensive packaging service, with the most sustainable and highest quality product range. From now on, this portfolio will also be available to Allard Emballages so that they can promote them on the French market: special packaging with high quality printing, packaging solutions for fresh food, or high added value cases for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, wine and spirits sectors, among others.

Allard Emballages, more than 90 years of history Founded in 1928, Allard Emballages is a French family group specialized in the manufacture and marketing of paper and corrugated cardboard

professionalisation undertaken in recent years.

This integration will allow both companies to enhance their best practices and develop synergies in order to strengthen their common operational excellence, especially in sectors such as agriculture or food.

Shared values Hinojosa and Allard Emballages share very similar values. They are both family companies that are committed to continuous innovation, the most advanced technology and proximity to the customer in order to become long-term partners in packaging solutions. This integration will allow both companies to enhance their best practices and develop synergies in order to strengthen their common operational excellence, especially in sectors such as agriculture or food, where they have a lot of experience, and where the advice and proximity they offer is highly valued. As in the case of Hinojosa, Allard

packaging. The company has four plants (three packaging factories and a paper mill) and is well-established in the main French agro-food markets. The company, which in 2019, had a turnover of €83 million will keep the entire workforce of more than 400 employees led by the current management team. Allard Emballages is a company

with strong growth potential thanks to the significant process of technological renewal and

Emballages has the manufacturing of 100% recycled paper for its own consumption integrated within its structure. This allows them to have a greater autonomy regarding the market changes affecting this raw material and to offer a better guarantee of stability to their clients. In addition, both companies are

strongly committed to sustainability and respect for the environment. In the case of Hinojosa, the development of the ISO 14001 in the plants is

an example of this commitment. Furthermore, the company is part of the ECOVADIS international rating system, and every year they present its Corporate Responsibility Report prepared in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) model. From now on, they will join

efforts and synergies to implement new projects that will allow them to continue reducing their carbon footprint, just as they were doing separately until now.

International growth The entry into the French market is in line with Hinojosa’s international growth strategy, which gives priority to its expansion into the nearest markets. Thus, after its arrival in Portugal at the beginning of 2020 through the acquisition of Graphicsleader, this operation strengthens Hinojosa’s presence in the countries of South Western Europe in order to provide a multi-product offer in these territories. As a result of this operation,

Hinojosa now has 20 factories and more than 2,300 employees.

More information: Beatriz Durá Marketing & Communication HINOJOSA

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