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‘Goood’ results for Interquell with Mondi’s paper-based FlexiBags.

Mondi has created sustainable paper-based packaging for Goood, Interquell’s sustainable alternative to organic pet food brands. By using packaging made from renewable sources, Mondi will reduce plastic usage and the CO2

Interquell in meeting their sustainability commitments M

ondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, is launching two new paper-based bags for German pet

food producer Interquell, delivering both consumer convenience and sustainability benefits. The pet food manufacturer

asked Mondi to create two sizes of paper-based packaging bags with a functional plastic barrier for its sustainable premium Goood dog food. The innovative FlexiBags meet Interquell’s goal to reduce the amount of plastic used while ensuring

premium product protection and convenient handling for consumers. Georg Müller, CEO Interquell

Petfood, comments: “Sustainability is key for us: we invest heavily in the protection of natural resources and work with as many local materials as possible. We also support environmental initiatives, such as with our partner One Earth – One Ocean, who remove 10kg of plastic from the oceans for every 10kg of dry food we produce. At the same time, it is essential that our products are protected in their packaging so that our high-quality pet food can be

transported, stored, and easily served.” Mondi uses up to 50% renewable

resources to produce the re-closable paper-based bags. In addition, the base paper production, film creation and final conversion are all managed in-house by Mondi, resulting in a significant reduction of the carbon footprint of the bags. Emilio Vidri, sales director Europe

Consumer Flexibles, Mondi adds: “We pride ourselves on our bespoke solutions and personal working relationships with our customers. Using our EcoSolutions approach, we asked all the right questions from

Saika Pack Ireland closing the loop on sustainable packaging

With sites in Ashbourne, Dublin, Warrenpoint and Lurgan, Saica Pack has established itself as one of the largest producers of corrugated packaging in Ireland. The company has achieved

this feat whilst maintaining a commitment towards promoting sustainability and the environment; a value which is at the heart of all its operations. Founded in 2008, Saica Pack

Ireland employs more than 250 highly

skilled staff members across its three sites, and the corrugated packaging specialists work alongside a broad range of clients from a variety of sectors including Agriculture, Food & Beverage, Healthcare and General Manufacturing. Saica Pack Ireland maintains its

commitment to the environment with the majority of its paper used to produce corrugated packaging made from recycled materials, most of which is recovered from retail and public waste streams through Saica Natur. Michael Shaw,

Saica Ireland Regional Sales Director, said; “After years of

18 Green Packaging International ● Spring 2021

hard work and internal investment, Saica Pack Ireland is leading the way in the sustainable production of packaging materials for the national market. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and this underpins our production process from start-to-finish. “In the past three years, we have

strategically spent over €40 million in our Irish business, upgrading machinery, employing an experienced workforce and ensuring we put the environment first. I’m proud of the actions Saica Pack has taken to establish itself as one of Europe’s most environmentally friendly packaging producers, but this is not enough. We are committed to going further and faster to promote sustainability.” “As Saica Pack Ireland, we are committed to closing the loop

the outset to get the best results for our products, customer and the environment. The Goood FlexiBags are a perfect illustration of our commitment to creating packaging that is sustainable by design, and using paper where possible, plastic where useful. Superior functionality fits the premium brand, maintains the freshness of the product, is easy for the consumer to use and results in reduced food waste.” The new packaging is now on the

shelves at German retailers. For more information: Mondi Group Marxergasse 4A, 1030 Vienna, Austria

with an End to End process and increasingly opening up more opportunities for sustainable solutions.” The company refrains from using

heavy fuel in the manufacturing process, and the division is working with customers both nationally and locally to ensure production is efficient, environmentally-friendly and of the very highest quality. Saica Pack Ireland recently

launched its End to End: Cost of Ownership tool, a revolutionary application which provides customers with a detailed analysis of each cost incurred during production, and how they affect each element of the value chain. In turn, this has streamlined the production process and significantly improved the sustainability of their packaging solutions. The company has also embraced

its Solutions Catalogue, which showcases their extensive array of packaging designs and innovations on a digital, easy-to-use application.

footprint. This collaborative approach means Mondi supports

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