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New corrugated berry packaging complements premium strawberries with top quality print


orrugated board is traditionally used for packaging to protect berries and fruit throughout the production

chain. However, the added value it can give to sales recognition and branding goes even further. Metsä Board, part of Metsä Group, and DS Smith have implemented a modern and top-quality berry box together with their partner network. The packaging is printed using process colour and full HD technology, which has reduced ink consumption while enabling exceptionally high image quality and bright colours. “The design of the packaging did

not use vector graphics commonly used in berry boxes, instead a photo- based multi-colour print was printed on the corrugated board. This process was extremely demanding, and

required a high-quality coated white kraftliner,” says Ville Laiho from DS Smith, the packaging producer. The EB-flute corrugated board packaging was made using MetsäBoard Pro WKL 175 g/m² as topliner. The berry box is safe for direct

contact with food thanks to material made of fresh fibres. In addition, a package made of fresh fibres withstands humid conditions better than a package made of recycled fibres. On the way from the field to the consumer, the moisture conditions can vary considerably, the packaging must therefore protect the product throughout the chain. After use, the corrugated box is also easy to recycle. “Sustainability is a key trend,

which can be seen in consumers and brands wanting to move from plastic to fibre-based packaging

and to reduce the carbon footprint of packaging. Packaging made from fresh fibre paperboard is therefore the material of the future,” says Ilkka Harju packaging design director, EMEA and APAC at Metsä Board. “The range of premium berry boxes will soon be completed with a carton that can be used to replace plastic retail packaging.” In addition to DS Smith, there were

A new corrugated waste bin designed for the hygienic disposal of face masks

The use of face masks during the recent pandemic has justifiably grown to hundreds of millions worldwide. However, masks can easily end up littering public places or natural sites. Metsä Board, the leading European producer of premium fresh fibre

paperboards and part of Metsä Group, partnered up with a packaging design agency Futupack and corrugated board converter Capertum to manufacture a corrugated mask bin for the specific disposal of face masks. The design of the bins paid special

attention to the materials used to produce the bin and the usability and disposability of the bin. Futupack is a Finnish company that designs and implements sustainable packaging solutions. “We wanted the mask bin to be as aesthetic as possible so that it could be placed easily into any indoor environment. The mask bin is delivered flat, and can be quickly assembled. In addition, full instructions on assembly for the consumers are printed on to the bin itself. When the mask bin is full, it is easy to close the lid, and the entire bin can be safely and hygienically disposed of with the incinerated waste,” says Jani Mäkipää, lead packaging engineer at Futupack. MetsäBoard Pro WKL 160 g/m2 coated white kraftliner was used as

the top liner of the mask bin. The Finnish corrugated board converter Capertum printed the e-flute corrugated board in silk screen. The bin is light and robust thanks to the fresh fibres of the white kraftliner, and its stylish, lightweight design, makes it easy to place in various indoor public spaces. “With urbanisation and a

growing population, hygienic waste management solutions are becoming increasingly important. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought its own challenges to waste management. We are happy to be able to offer a solution to the dilemma of mask waste,” says Ilkka Harju,packaging services director EMEA & APAC at Metsä Board who worked on the design project with Futupack.

Green Packaging International ● Spring 2021 15

two other companies from Metsä Board’s Excellence Centre partner network involved: Marvaco, who took care of the repro work and Futupack, who will deliver smaller quantities to farmers in cooperation with DS Smith. More informationt: Marjo Halonen, VP Communications, Metsä Board Mob: +358 (0)50 598 7046

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