2020 Hall of Honor Inductees Leaders in the Investment Casting Industry

significant contributions in the investment casting industry and to the Investment Casting Institute. Rosmait.


wo individuals were inducted into the Investment Casting Institute’s Hall of Honor this past October at the ICI’s Virtual Technical Conference & 3D Expo. The Hall of Honor was created to recognize persons who have made

The ICI wishes to congratulate William McCormick and Russ In addition to the personal recognition that is made with the presentation of

the Hall of Honor trophy, the ICI maintains a perpetual plaque noting individuals as they are inducted. The Hall of Honor plaque is proudly displayed at the Institute’s office in Montvale, NJ. The Hall of Honor committee wishes to thank everyone who has submitted a nomination. Committee Members are Doug Neece, Nipendra (Nip) Singh, Doug Kovatch, Joseph Fritz, Michael Perry, and Russ Gallagher.

WILLIAM MCCORMICK Bill McCormick started his career as a drafting trainee at General Electric’s Aviation Engine Group and over the next 30 years, would advance to a number of

managerial positions within the

company. During his tenure, Bill served as Operations Manager at Carboloy, General Manager at the Distribution Division, and General Manager of the Electronics Control Division, a $1B supplier to the construction industry. Jim Mitchell, former Business Unit Manager at PCC Structurals, and VP of Operations at Avalign Thortex commented, “I’ve been with Bill since the beginning of my career with GE. Bill was, and still is my mentor. He is tough, always fair, and leads on data and common sense.

my career was largely influenced by watching and learning from Bill.

orders for aircraft they had placed late in the previous decade, and, with more than 80 percent of its sales in aerospace, Precision Castparts was feeling the pain deeply... McCormick had the vision to

extend the company’s

in aerospace airfoil technology and manufacturing to the industrial gas turbine (IGT) industry.”


expertise PCC grew

from a relatively small company into a Fortune 500 company. Annual revenue went from $125M when McCormick took the helm to $3.2B when he departed.

McCormick is also co-owner of

The success in I’m

sure that there are many out there that have the honor and privilege of saying the same thing.” In 1985, McCormick then joined Precision Castparts Corp. as president and soon became chief operating officer in 1991. According to Precision Castparts, “McCormick stepped into the CEO role at a time when the cyclical commercial aerospace industry was

particularly bad. Airlines were

canceling or stretching out the sizable 32 ❘ October 2020

TechForm Advanced Casting Technology, an industry leader providing platinum castings to the nation’s top jewelry brands, Bill helped steer the company very successfully through the Great Recession. While numerous jewelry companies struggled during that period, TechForm achieved record profits. Bill’s professional experience in

investment casting also extends into a advisory role as he was on the Board of Directors with Consolidated Precision Products from approximately 2005 to 2009. Bill is also a Board member at Triax Industries, an investment casting foundry providing directionally solidified, single crystal and equiax castings. “In addition to being a powerful visionary, Bill has a multitude of laudable


Above: William McCormick His presence inspires

everyone around him. His ability and desire to make positive changes in the companies that he guides is self-evident, as the vast majority became better and more profitable under his leadership. He teaches those around him not only through words, but also with actions and meticulous follow through. Bill is a consummate role model when it comes to discipline and truly walking the talk. I have seen his business philosophy become engraved in the souls of so many of his staff members, remaining with them and providing guidance for decades,” stated Michael Yas of Seacast commented. McCormick has authored numerous

technical papers, is the owner of many industry patents, and lends his knowledge to various universities in the Oregon area. A Korean war veteran, McCormick also

is a known philanthropist,

contributing to many non-profit organizations and even maintains his own foundation, The William C and Jani E. McCormick Foundation that primarily serves disadvantaged children.


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