ust over six months ago, many of us were rubbing shoulders on public transport, gridlocked on roads and gripping espressos en route to spending the next eight- plus hours in a concrete cage.

In the East Midlands, we were actually the lucky ones, spending the least amount of

time commuting in Britain, yet it still took us a daily average of 49 minutes and cost £45.51 each month. Journeys became nearer 49 seconds for the 30% of employees who worked at home

during lockdown, and it’ll have a profound impact on the way we live, work and move. The world is always evolving, but it’s usually so slow that it’s not until we look back

when we can identify the fork in the road. This time, it’s happening right in front of our eyes.

Should remote working continue in some form post-Covid – and two-thirds of UK

workers expect it to, according to separate surveys by Citrix and Adzooma – then it will reduce demand for office space. When you throw into the mix the struggles of retail and hospitality, we begin to see

how radical thinking is needed to keep town and city centres thriving, an issue explored in our focus feature. The Chamber is working alongside members, local authorities and politicians to ensure no

one gets left behind in this transition, as well as how the region’s strengths can be maximised. Because while urban centres face challenges, we’ve seen strong growth in the logistics

sector surrounding East Midlands Airport – a site that’s always been a key economic hub for the region, but has received a shot in the arm as the shift to e-commerce intensifies. We look at how logistics could ease the twin threats of Covid-19 and Brexit in our

politics pages, while the subject of our big interview, Paul Moat, discusses the importance of housing associations in towns, cities and everywhere in between. Whether you're in the office, by a work station or at the kitchen table, enjoy the read and thanks for your continued support.

Best wishes, Dan Robinson Editor, Business Network


NEWS UPDATE 4 MEMBER NEWS Consultancy offers C-level help to SMEs

18 APPOINTMENTS Morningside appoints new CE0

20 STRATEGIC PARTNERS AND PATRONS New patron celebrates year of growth

22 CHAMBER NEWS Call for Government to deliver on rail electrification


32 ChamberCustoms offers assistance to international toy firm Lanka Kade


34 How businesses are trying to navigate Brexit in the wake of Covid-19


36 Paul Moat, chief executive of Nottingham Community Housing Association


41 ENTERPRISE & INNOVATION The changing face of your customers

44 Two tax reliefs to turn to in a crisis

46 FOCUS FEATURE Rethinking the future of town and city centres

51 HEALTH IN THE WORKPLACE How to build a positive approach

55 Workplace washroom standards soar to top of the agenda

TRAINING & EVENTS 58 The lessons learned from online training


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60 DIGITAL GROWTH Understanding no-code systems

62 SKILLS College supports digital workforce revolution

65 LEGAL Duncan & Toplis expands with legal service practice

66 FINANCE What the FCA judgement means for Covid-19 insurance claims

68 TECHNOLOGY Connecting lives in Gigabit City Derby

70 PROPERTY Plans to transform iconic Guildhall

72 MOTORING Nick Jones tests the Volkswagen Arteon 2.0


74 THE LAST WORD Chamber president Dawn Edwards comments on the latest issues

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