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Competition ...any other business A roundup of news from Chamber members

Rosie Kay takes centre stage

Birmingham-based award- winning choreographer Rosie Kay is returning to the stage next month to perform the premiere of her new solo work, ‘Absolute Solo II’. The performance will take

place at Birmingham Repertory Theatre and will be one of the venue’s first shows on stage since re-opening its doors for select performances. The new show will be 21

years on from her first ever solo performance - ‘Absolute Solo’ - which she gave at the 1999 Edinburgh Festival. Performed to a socially

distanced audience of around 70, Absolute Solo II will also be live streamed to audiences at home. Rosie said: “It's very exciting

to be preparing to go back onto the stage again.”

Cameraman in charity focus

A photographer who has captured some of Chamberlink’smost memorable front covers has raised hundreds for charity by completing an epic cycling challenge. Marc Kirsten cycled 300 miles

throughout September as part of Cancer Research UK’s Cycle 300 campaign. He successfully completed the

challenge while raising hundreds of pounds for the charity, smashing his original target of £200. Outside of cycling, Marc

operates Marc Kirsten Photography, and regularly takes images for Chamberlink features (see page 20, and front pages). After completing the challenge,

Marc said: “The current pandemic has seriously undermined the ability of every charity to maintain, let alone expand, its ability to successfully fundraise. Cancer

CBSO launches new fundraising campaign

On its 100th birthday, the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO) has launched an ambitious five-year, £12.5m fundraising campaign, to ensure the orchestra’s recovery post-Covid and drive its future strategy. The initiative is ‘Sound of the

Future’, and a sum of £4.4m has already been raised for it, following a launch concert streamed from a warehouse in Longbridge. The concert featured former

CBSO music director Sir Simon Rattle and has already been viewed by over 160,000 people worldwide on the orchestra’s ‘Facebook’ and ‘YouTube’ channels. CBSO chairman David Burbidge and campaign board members Jamie

Justham, Chris Loughran and John Osborn, have helped kickstart the campaign by donating more than £850,000. CBSO Chief Executive Stephen Maddock said: “All of us at the CBSO are

hugely grateful to Chris, David, Jamie and John for their extraordinary leadership and generosity, and also for the practical support that they have offered us in planning the campaign. “We are equally grateful to the other supporters who have already made

gifts. Philanthropy played a vital role in the establishment of the CBSO back in 1920, and it is similarly important to us today.” The Sound of the Future has two phases. The recovery phase will ensure

that the CBSO can deliver Covid-compliant concerts and life-enhancing work in the community as quickly as possible. This will be followed by the renewal phase, which the CBSO says will

help ensure it can make an even bigger contribution to West Midlands cultural life in its second century.

70 CHAMBERLINK October 2020 Birthday celebration

To mark the 30th anniversary of Cadbury World, two chocolatiers have created a birthday cake made entirely out of chocolate. Made by Dawn Jenks and Donna Oluban in two days, the creation

features giant hand-crafted white chocolate numbers to celebrate the milestone anniversary, as well as recreations of various Cadbury characters, such as Freddo and the Caramel Bunny. The creation was put on display for visitors to see throughout the

summer at Cadbury World’s chocolate making zone. The Bournville-based tourist attraction receives more than over

600,000 visitors each year, and is home to 14 zones that showcase Cadbury. Cadbury World general manager Gerrard Baldwin, who’s worked at

the attraction since the venue opened in 1990, said: “There’s no better way for us to mark our milestone birthday than with a fantastic chocolate creation produced by our incredibly talented chocolatiers. “I feel extremely privileged to have been with

the attraction since it’s opening all those years ago and to be part of this incredible anniversary. Since Cadbury World opened its doors 30 years ago, the attraction and its zones have evolved so much and we’re very proud to be one of the UK’s most popular family attractions today.”

Birthday treat: chocolatier Dawn Jenks with Cadbury World’s latest creation

Research UK is just one such charity. “The vast majority of people,

including myself, have been affected directly or indirectly by cancer. I lost my cousin, who was like a sister to me; I lost my dear father-in-law, to mention but two. “What better way to

combine my lockdown discovery of a love of cycling with a desire to support this vital charity.

My objective was to raise at

least £200, but after only a few days into the month-long challenge, cycling 300 miles in 30 days, this target has been well and truly smashed. I am setting my

fundraising sights much, much higher.”

Donations are still being accepted, visit fundraise. page/marcs-cycle- 300-fundraising- page-34?

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