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New presidents mark a period of change

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database. And this was no more apparent in our last

T Greater Birmingham

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Front cover: The presidential line-up is (left to right) Joel Blake, Jason Challoner, Gill Durkin and Jason Wouhra. See page 5

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edition when we reported Steve Allen awarding Jaguar Land Rover his President’s Award and the comparatively tiny Excitation Engineering Services Ltd from Tamworth being named our Business of the Year (see Jon Griffin’s column on page 20). And we never forget that from among the membership come the officials who keep all 10 elements of the Chamber ticking. This month we have changes to the

Presidency of five Chambers (see page 5), four of whom are pictured on the front page of this month’s Chamberlink. Such a large number of changes is rare and it

highlighted what an important and vital job our presidents do in keeping their region’s business alive and thriving especially in the difficult times we are experiencing now. We are aware what a huge commitment

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taking on roles like this involves. Because all of those people who devote a lot of their time to the Chamber also have extremely busy jobs, often playing key roles in businesses where many people rely on them for the continuing success of a company. It is a large commitment and involves duties

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4 CHAMBERLINK October 2020

that are carried out selflessly. And one glowing example is Robert Elliot, who retires as Solihull president in March.

he heart of the Chamber is its membership. Over 3,000 businesses of all sizes and types make up its diverse

His enthusiastic work during his presidency

has been outstanding and he has devoted much time to ensuring businesses remained vibrant. Katie Hale has contributed massively to the

success of Sutton Chamber; James Blackman’s campaign against late payment has been outstanding in Lichfield and Tamworth; and Martyn Jupp provided invaluable support as Cannock Chase went through a name-change and re-branding. Other divisions changing president are the

Asian Business and Commonwealth Chambers. Qasim Majid has been at the forefront of

leading the ABCC through a diversity programme; and Keith Stokes-Smith’s knowledge has been invaluable in being the launch president of the Commonwealth Chamber and he stays on as honorary chair. And all of this work, it’s worth repeating, has

been carried out while holding down busy jobs. We wish the successors in those five Chambers every success as we continue to grapple with the further restrictions imposed by the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chamberlink returns to production 10 times a year this month following a brief stint as a bi-monthly publication. We’re delighted that our publishers Kemps

have been able to recover so quickly from the downturn and we shall be producing issues in November and December/January while picking up the New Year with a February edition.

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