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IT firm makes donation to life-saving charity

We’ll drink to that: Louise Marklew (left) and Jaine Husbands toast their success

A record year for Team Telemarketing

Life-savers: First responder Matthew McInally (left) with Debbie Roscoe and Stuart Watson

A Solihull IT company has donated four PCs to a life-saving charity. The donation was handed over by Leap IT to

Debbie Roscoe from Arrive Alive, who founded the lifesaving charity after her daughter Ellie contracted a life-threatening case of measles. Arrive Alive funds lifesaving vehicles and equipment for Community First Responder groups (CFRs), who attend life threatening 999 medical emergencies. An Arrive Alive vehicle can reach a medical emergency in those vital seconds/minutes prior to a road or air ambulance due to being directly based within the heart of the community. Leap managing director Stuart Watson said: “We

have seen a huge demand for our services throughout this pandemic, while other sectors have really suffered. Charities in particularly have been hit really hard and we wanted to try and help out in some way and this seemed a perfect solution.”

Debbie Roscoe said: “The provision of four

computers that have been kindly donated by Leap IT will enable the Arrive Alive fundraising team to continue to operate. “As a non-Government, NHS or lottery funded

charity, any support provided is greatly appreciated. Arrive Alive is the UK’s only registered charity of its kind providing voluntary operated 999 lifesaving vehicles.” The Solihull Chamber Charity of the Year

provides numerous pieces of lifesaving vehicles and equipment to various CFR groups. CFRs are trained by the ambulance service

and are volunteers who can help to save lives. Despite the impact of Covid-19, which has

drastically impacted Arrive Alive’s charitable income, a new volunteer operated lifesaving vehicle has been put into service. The 4x4 vehicle is being operated by Featherstone & District Community First Responders.

Bootcamp will improve skills

A new skills bootcamp for young people in the West Midlands will teach 18-25 year olds essential employability skills, as well as giving them experience of working with local employers. Digital Innovators is running a series of five

skills programmes, funded by the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) ‘Beat the Bots’ programme, which is aimed at developing skills in project management, communication, problem solving and collaboration, and can be applied to virtually any career. The programme helps job seekers, including

graduates, school leavers and those looking to upskill, build confidence, unlock their core

strengths and learn how to apply their skills in a work environment. Eight of the 13-week bootcamp will see learners work on live business projects with employers, while mentoring support will be provided to help them make the transition to new roles. West Midlands mayor Andy Street said: “We

made the Beat the Bots fund available for training providers so workers across the West Midlands can gain invaluable digital skills, preparing them for the jobs of the future. “In the face of the pandemic, sadly many

people are going to fall out of work, but re- training or improving your current skills is a great way of finding employment again quickly.”

There are probably not many companies in the UK that would chalk 2020 up as a successful year. However, Team Telemarketing Ltd, is bucking the trend. Not only has the company had a year of

substantial growth and expansion, staff there are also celebrating their 20th anniversary. Founded by Jaine Husbands and Louise

Marklew, the business, based in Shirley, has expanded considerably, and now employs 45 staff. Team won the Solihull Chamber Business of the Year award in 2018. As telemarketing specialists, Team have

grown as a business providing telesales, appointment setting, lead generation, surveys and data services to a variety of national and multinational customers. Notably these have included including Veolia, HP, Siemens, SCC and BT. While many companies have found themselves downsizing and relying increasingly on home working over the past few months, Team has expanded its office space.

Being able to return to the office and

create a ‘new normal’ way of working has been vital to the company, which recorded its strongest growth in 2019, bolstering sales by 25 per cent, while dealing with 53 countries in 25 different languages. Director Louise Marklew said: “When we

started on this journey, we could never have anticipated what the future would hold. To have created an award winning business that is the strongest it has ever been, is a remarkable achievement that both myself and Jaine are immensely proud of. Anniversary celebrations have been put

on hold for now. However, when circumstances allow, Team say they will be ready to party and celebrate all their achievements over the last two decades.

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