1813 Club and Premier Members

1813 Club and Premier Members

Greater Birmingham’s leading companies In brief

AFL Architects has been appointed to an official list of public sector body suppliers. The list is maintained by the

Procure Partnerships Framework, and helps public sector bodies source professional services firms. AFL, which has an office in Birmingham, is currently working with Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust on a major new healthcare development. AFL was also the architect on

the new Stratford Hospital for South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust.

The National Memorial Arboretum, in Staffordshire, has been awarded a 2020 Tripadvisor ‘Travellers’ Choice’ award. These awards are made each

year to locations that consistently receive ‘exceptional, feedback from visitors. The Arboretum, located at a 150-

acre woodland and garden site, has been previously named Visit England’s ‘Large Visitor Attraction of the Year’.

Birmingham college BMet has launched a new skills and training academy, BMet Career Advance. The academy will help retrain individuals with the skills and experience needed by the local economy. BMet principal Cliff Hall said: “I

am so pleased that we are able to launch our Career Advance Academy. Our aim is to put people firmly in the driving seat in terms of their careers whilst working closely with employers to match the skills need across the city.

Transforming Narratives, a project aimed at bringing together artists and cultural organisations from Birmingham and cities in Pakistan and Bangladesh, has awarded grants to help 18 artists progress their projects. The successful artists will receive

grants worth a total of £75,000. Transforming Narratives says its

project will establish Birmingham as a global centre for contemporary arts from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

30 CHAMBERLINK October 2020

Adam Rollason has joined Smith Cooper’s Birmingham office as tax director. He has moved to the firm from

rival accountant Grant Thornton, where he worked as a private business tax manager. In his new role, Mr Rollason will

be dealing with both corporate and personal tax services, and helping clients plan a tailored and tax- efficient approach to life. Smith Cooper’s specialist

corporate tax division advises on all types of national and international transactions, from mergers and acquisitions, to sales and reconstructions. Mr Rollason said: “I am delighted

to be joining Smith Cooper to head up the tax advisory offering across the West Midlands. Having met with a number of the firm’s partners over recent months and listened to their ambitious plans for the future, I knew that this was the right place for me to be on taking my first step into leadership. “In the short term, our vision is to

develop an offering which will rival that of our main competitors across the region. Looking beyond that, we fully intend on being the go-to tax

advisers within the owner managed space across the West Midlands.” Stephen Newman, a partner in

Smith Cooper’s Birmingham office, said: “Adam will play an integral role in the development of Smith Cooper’s specialist tax division in Birmingham and also across our wider firm, by working alongside experts in our Derby, Nottingham and Ashbourne offices.

‘Right place for me to be on taking my first step into leadership’

“By harnessing the skills and

experience that he’s cumulated, we’re confident that our tax team will continue to go from strength- to-strength. “Our team here in Birmingham is

undergoing an exciting period of strategic development at the moment. Paul Kurowski, who was appointed director of audit last year has now taken a lead role, with responsibility for growing the firm’s client base, and there have been several promotions, new intakes and some really exciting client opportunities.”

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Contact: Gary Birch T: 0845 6036650

New tax director appointed at Smith Cooper Birmingham

Taxman: Adam Rollason

Card payment system is a ‘first’

A Polish firm that produces specialised software for the financial sector has introduced a new type of card payment system that it says is a ‘first’. The system is Payres, which has been

pioneered by CCA Europe, based in the city of Wroclaw. Payres stores different kinds of

information about customers, so that when they make a payment, it has the ability to do more than just make the transaction. It will know if the person is due a

discount of any kind, or could send a ‘thank you’ message from the vendor to the payee’s mobile/email, or a message prompting them to make a donation to charity, for example. The system will also be aware of the customer’s financial history, so it can automatically work out the

terms of any debit, or even inquire about the person’s purchase experience. CCA believes that customers of banks and other financial lenders are expecting this level of technology to be used these days, although the company says research has shown that only around a quarter of them are prepared to implement it. Jacek Nowak (pictured), CEO of CCA

Europe, said: “Financial institutions should learn the most effective and innovative of the e-commerce trends – which translates to instant responses combined with excellent proximity.

“This, I believe, is the recipe for a business to

operate confidently and to keep their customers taken care of well, whilst maintaining social distancing when necessary.”

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