What is the

"Doctor Inside" Each of Us?

part 1

t is common for holistic health practi- tioners to use phrases like “every person carries his or her own doctor inside, and we are our best when we give the doctor inside a chance to work.” What does that really mean, though? What is the “doctor inside”?

I To preface, the answer to those ques-

tions is what makes the holistic paradigm distinct from the traditional medical model. Anything non-medical is described in American society as “alternative to” or “complimentary of” medicine, but in real- ity the truly holistic practices are separate from and distinct to medicine, as clearly defined in their separate roles as an electri- cian and a firefighter. Each paradigm has its own philosophy and methodology.

Holistic means the comprehension of the parts of something as intimately inter- connected, and explicable only by refer- ence to the whole. When taught about anatomy (structure), physiology (function), neurology (communication), psychology (thoughts), etc. as separate entities with just vague reference to how interrelated they all are, it leaves out important con- textualization, causing misunderstandings about health, what it is and how to achieve it. The next step in the healthcare revolu- tion is a better big picture understanding of how perfectly the human body exempli- fies the phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” also known as syn- ergy.

So, regarding the “doctor inside,” the meaning of the phrase is rooted in ac- knowledgment, based on the logic derived from indisputable facts, that there is an intelligence that exists in everything…in

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all matter. This intelligence is different than the kind talked about in educational settings. Instead, this intelligence is an expression of the infinite, as in the infinite number of coordinated functions that just took place inside each reader’s body over the last split second; or the wonders of the world, those amazing things that just hap- pen, like a dogwood tree that blooms for one glorious week each year or the way that a developing baby has a beating heart less than a month after conception, and the processes that make each possible. Education allows us to know that fertile

soil along with balanced access to water and sunlight makes it probable for a dog- wood to grow and bloom, but what makes it grow – and what makes a fetal heartbeat possible in 3 weeks – is an inherent intel- ligence that manages the process.

The purpose of the intelligence in

question is to organize, like the arrange- ment of earth among the other planets, and the volatile concoction of components making up an atom that would explode if not meticulously organized. As a form of infinite wisdom, if you will, this intelli-

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