What to Look For Because headaches are so common, you may not notice

right away if yours are changing. You may gradually start taking a few extra pain relievers a week without noticing it’s become a trend. Or, you may have learned to accommodate the pain in other ways. On the other hand, some changes in headaches may take

you by surprise. Despite the concern, you write them off as “just a migraine.” It’s important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of wor-

risome — or even life-threatening — headaches so that you can get the help you need. Seek help if you notice any headaches and migraines that…

• Are occurring with more frequency

• Are different from your typical headaches in intensity or pattern • Have new triggers — especially coughing or movement • Get worse over a period of hours or days, rather than better

• Are accompanied by changes in psychological or neuro- logical changes • Prevent sleep and everyday activities • Occur after an injury to the head or eyes • Occur in conjunction with fever and neck stiffness • Include pain and tenderness around your temples • Occur for the fi rst time in adulthood - especially after age 50

A Functional Approach to Treating Headaches and Mi- graines A whole-health approach can be one of the most benefi cial treatments for chronic headaches and migraines. All systems in the body are connected… therefore treatment is never about masking symptoms. That’s why it’s important to investigate any and all potential causes of your worrisome headaches and mi- graines in order to design a treatment course that addresses the root problems.

Acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments are just two of

the proven strategies to reduce head pain quickly. These proce- dures, along with nutrition counseling, can also help to lessen the frequency of common headaches due to stress, poor posture, dietary triggers, and more.

NOTE: Sudden, severe headaches, especially if accompanied by psychological or neurological changes, can sometimes be due to a stroke, brain tumor, or brain injury and require immediate medical attention.

Written by Joe Draper, DC of Advance Wellness, 515 College Road, Suite 11, Greensboro. For more information, visit www. or call 336-316-0827 for an appointment. See ad on this page.

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