Outdoor Places of Peace in the Triad O

ne of the safest places to be during this pandemic has been in the outdoors, and many frustrated Triad residents have turned to these places of peace to relieve the pres-

sure, the fear, the stresses, the uncertainty, and of course, the isolation. Thankfully, we are positioned in a geographic area with an abundance of outdoor oases….it must be even harder for folks to cope who don’t have the resources that we do right here near home in the Triad. Here are just a few of our readers’ favorite places to find peace outdoors in the Triad:

•Lake Brandt (Greensboro) and Lake Higgins (Summer- field). These pristine reservoirs have remained open to the public albeit with some altered hours and method of operations. Having access to nature and water is so important for our well- being. Lake Brandt, from Reedy Fork dammed, connects to Higgins which has Brush Creek feeding into it, and Townsend (also from Reedy Fork dammed and Squirrel creek feeding into it) are all part of the Haw River Watershed and provide Greens- boro with drinking water as well as places of peace. These ultra clean lakes are a haven for kayakers, paddleboarders, fishermen and women, hikers and bikers. The watershed trails are some of the finest we’ve ever seen, with long miles of trails with flora, fauna, many of those trails are waterside with sweeping views. Since we are in the bird migrating flyway, these watershed lakes and trails are prime places to see migrating birds in spring and fall as well.

•Belews Lake in Stokesdale. This lake which is owned by Duke Energy, is a local favorite for getting away from it all for motorboaters as well as kayakers. This summer Belews has remained full, with lots of water, so one can paddle way up Belews Creek probably to Kernersville if you are determined! Belews water quality gets a bad reputation sometimes but as they continue their plan of decommissioning the coal fired

plant, the water quality is getting better by the day, as evidenced by the Bryrozoans found in the water this summer, never found there before. The water is cooler in times past since it is not being used to cool the turbines as often, it is refreshing on a hot summer day. Our hope is that as Duke closes its coal plants, the lake will remain for us to enjoy.

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