Fenugreek: For

Increases in

Medicine, the randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study was led by Amanda J. Rao, based at the University of Syd- ney, Australia, and funded by Gencor Pacific, a botanical nutra- ceuticals company. Researchers examined changes in muscular strength and


endurance, body composition, sex hormones and functional power threshold in response to an eight-week calisthenics pro- gram combined with daily supplementation of a patented fenu- greek extract called Testofen® or placebo. The final approved test group consisted of 138 male par-

ticipants between 25 and 47 years of age who were randomized into three equal groups receiving either 600 milligrams (mg) of Testofen®, 300 mg of Testofen® or placebo. Baseline measurements were taken of each participant's

muscle strength and endurance, functional power threshold, body composition and sex hormones, with follow-up measure- ments taken at four and eight weeks. Participants agreed to

Strength & Lean Muscle Mass

ooking for a way to beef-up athletic performance without adding more protein to your diet? A new study shows that consuming an unassuming spice may be an efficient way to safely boost strength, endurance and even testosterone Published in June 2020 in the journal Translational Sports

perform a whole-body calisthenics program three times per week for the duration of the study period. After eight weeks, researchers analyzed the data and deter- mined that all three groups had improved their maximal leg press scores from baseline measurements. Notable to researchers, however, was that both fenugreek-treated groups had improved more than the placebo group. Further analysis showed that additional improvements were

observed in the fenugreek groups in a dose-dependent manner, with subjects taking 600 mg of Testofen® displaying more sig- nificant results across an array of indicators.

Fenugreek Helps Retain Muscle While Reducing Fat Fitness enthusiasts seeking to increase lean muscle mass

while decreasing body fat should take note: study participants taking 600 mg of fenugreek extract experienced decreased body fat of around 1.4% while also demonstrating increased lean muscle mass of 1.8% after eight weeks of supplementation as compared to placebo. The 600-mg group also demonstrated an increase in testos-

terone concentration from baseline to the final eight-week mea- surement. Increased testosterone is generally associated with


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