Mental Yoga to Sleep Like a Baby Every Night

“Sleep is the best meditati on.” ~Dalai Lama

“A man can do only what he can do. But if he does that each day he can sleep at night and do it again the next day.” ~ Albert Schweitzer

“Sleep is the golden chain that ti es health and our bodies together.” ~ Thomas Dekker

is it so elusive?? Even after a gallon of sleepy time tea


leep is restorative. Sleep is refreshing. Sleep lowers your stress and sharpens your creativity. So why in the world

and an hour of no cell phone why is it we have trouble falling asleep? Why does it seem impossible to shut off our brains and quickly drift into sweet slumber? Why do we consistently wake up groggy and

Christen Duke, ANP-C Christen Duke, ANP-C

Christen Duke, ANP is a board certified Adult Nurse Practitioner with over 18 years experience in adult medicine. Using a natural, holistic approach, she encourages and assists people to maximize their health through optimal nu- trition, supplementation, and bio- identical hormone replacement. She continues to expand her mas- tery of other integrative issues. Christen’s goal for her patients is for them to live healthy lives feel- ing their best.

336.768.3335 16 grouchy?

What is the solution? As it happens, sleep is all in your

mind. The more you can control and direct your mind the more amazing sleep you will get on a consistent basis. Yoga is used to gain balance and con-

trol through the repetition of certain prac- tices. Typically, these are bodily positions and breathing techniques aimed at clear- ing the mind and connecting with your body. I am liberally using the term yoga here to describe three ways you can repeat some practices as a way to create a better outcome for you. Many of us struggle with insomnia. And this struggle has some very detrimen- tal consequences for the 3 million people who have trouble falling asleep or saying asleep. So here are three ways to reign in your

mind and direct it to deliver a great night’s sleep.

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