Nick Lygo-Baker, of Paradigm CX, is pleased to announce the publication of the second book in the globally best-selling series, Customer Experience 2. Released on Kindle in mid-July, with availability though Amazon’s print- on-demand service also coming this summer, Nick is one of 24 global CX professionals contributing to the current best- thinking on this vital topic. As Nick explained, the challenges

posed to businesses to become not just customer-focused, but to extend true accountability of the customer experience throughout an organisation, is something that increasing numbers of businesses are seeking help with. In Nick’s extensive experience, a

major hurdle to overcome is ensuring the person at the top is committed. Historical hierarchies within large corporations create silos of responsibility, and the focus on the customer can become diluted in the minutae of daily tasks. Difficulty collaborating across departments further compounds the problem, and without realising, businesses have sleep-walked away from the person who matters: their customer. Nick has found businesses

increasingly engaging with Customer Experience experts like himself, helping to involve the whole company, from front line staff to the CEO, in committing to the customer experience. In Nick’s chapter “From Customer Service to Customer Care – organisational alignment to create better customer outcomes”, he suggests the following advice:

1. Customer focus requires customer focus


Insight without data is just opinion

3. Act with purpose! Visit:


John Milner has been a consultant with Alium Consultants for over 20 years and is a specialist in global business affairs. He has successfully helped businesses of all sizes to develop and implement export strategies, creating additional revenue streams for clients primarily across Europe and the Americas. Focusing on the impact recent global events are having on businesses here in the UK, John shares his thoughts on what is next on the horizon, and how best to prepare for the opportunities ahead.

At the time of writing, it appears we are seeing signs that the country is emerging from the, almost, three months of lockdown, brought about by the Covid-19 virus. In reality however, it may be several weeks (or

months even), before business levels return to anything like we had before. This has provided an excellent time therefore for business owners to prepare for the inevitable opportunities ahead. Created by an up-tick in demand for British goods

and services around the world now is the time to • Identify and analyse your target overseas market • Create a strong message around products or service offerings

• Formulate an effective sales strategy

One final thought. While the “C” word may well be fading in the headlines, we are seeing the dreaded “B” word re-emerge. Our current trading position with Europe come the

end of this year is far from clear. While the Government are confident of a clear agreement with the EU by September, the reality is, that business owners currently trading with EU based customers, should be formulating a “plan B”. I have been helping clients around the world with issues like this for over 20 years.

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A long-term partnership between Milton Keynes-based manufacturer, Mechline Developments and MK SNAP, an education and skill-building charity for people with learning disabilities, has been recognised with a prestigious national award. Reflecting on the success,

Kristian Roberts, marketing manager at Mechline Developments, commented: “We are absolutely delighted and proud

that our partnership with MK SNAP has won the Long-Term Partnership category in the Third Sector Business Charity Awards. There were some fantastic projects in the same category and so to come out on top is extra special.” Mechline outsource part of the

labelling, cleaning, and packaging of its Dormont commercial kitchen gas hoses to MK SNAP – whose fully-trained learners work together under the supervision of a tutor. To ensure the project is fully inclusive, MK SNAP built personalised aids and adaptions at the workstations to enable those with different disabilities to undertake the variety of assembly tasks and produce the expected excellent quality products. Kristian is particularly

Service users working together

12 inbusinessAUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2020

appreciative of the help that the service users have brought to Mechline: “MK SNAP service users have been an indispensable part of the Mechline team for over 25 years and their ‘can do’ attitude and reliable assembly services has made a positive contribution to our business. It’s been particularly rewarding to see the confidence of the service users blossom during their work with us and heartening

that many have gone on to find work at the end of their assignment.” Angela Novell, CEO of MK SNAP,

said: “This is fantastic national recognition of an excellent longstanding partnership. Mechline has been so supportive to us over the years providing work for our people with learning disabilities. Through the assembling of components people with learning disabilities build skills, confidence and work-readiness for jobs.” One of the award judges, Faiza

Khan, engagement and insight director at the National Lottery Community Fund, was particularly impressed at the impact the partnership has had for both organisations: “Mechline adapts its work practices to different individuals’ needs and provides a good level of wrap-around support. This is a unique example of a charity partnership being a central part of how the charity delivers its services. MK SNAP has also had a wider impact on the community and employers, something that is probably possible only because of Mechline's long-term dedication.”


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