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Tim Griffin, managing director of DCC Technology comments on the Group’s latest annual results and distribution during and after Covid-19.

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Joel Chimoindes tales the reigns at Maverick as industry stalwart Jon Sidwick moves on. In this interview, he discusses his priorities and any planned changes.

The direct channel to the industry

BrightSign touchless engagement for Covid affected business

BrightSign has announced two new solutions, BrightLink and BrightMenu, to help retailers, restaurants and other business- es safely operate in the face of new health regulations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. BrightLink is a new touchless solution that eliminates the need to physically engage with touch-interactive digital sig- nage. By simply scanning a QR code, customers transfer con- trol of the experience to their phones to browse or interact with content as they normally would, eliminating the need for physical contact.

BrightMenu uses very simi- lar BrightSign technology but delivers a one-way experience whereby patrons scan a QR code and receive the restau- rant’s menu on their mobile device – no internet connec- tion, no app to download, and no printed menus.

“Safely resuming operations requires businesses to reimag- ine the experience they offer customers, particularly as it re- lates to any sort of physical en- gagement,” said Ann Holland, VP of Marketing at BrightSign. The BrightLink solution ad- dresses many of the sectors hardest hit by COVID-19 – re- tailers in particular, and also higher education, museums, amusement parks and other settings where touch screens were previously in use. As a phased re-opening of the economy takes shape, cus- tomers will bring a heightened awareness of safe hygiene, gravitating to proprietors that take steps to curtail pathogen spread in their places of busi- ness.

“COVID-19 gave us pause to think creatively about how our platform and our core technol- ogies can be applied to help businesses operate under to- day’s very unique circumstanc- es,” said BrightSign CEO Jeff Hastings. “Allowing customers

to browse and control content via their phones is a natural way of empowering them to en- rich their shopping and leisure experiences, while slowing vi- rus spread by eliminating con- tact with high-touch surfaces.”

New CEO at Sahara Presentations Group

Sahara Presentations Group has announced that the Board of Directors has appointed Mark Starkey as Chief Execu- tive Officer. “Sahara’s distribution and manufacturing businesses have acquired great market share in recent years and the Board is pleased to appoint Mark Star- key as the CEO to drive the company forward,” said Own- er Kevin Batley. Mark is

“We believe the ideal person to

implement our growth strategy and take advantage of the mar- ket opportunities ahead as it continues to disrupt the digital unified communications mar- ketplace,” he added.

Restaurants face their own unique set of challenges as they resume dine-in operations.

In June 2019, Barco filed suit in the United States against Delta Electron- ics, Inc. and its subsidiary Vivitek Corporation for infringement of its ClickShare patents. Now, less than a year after the case began, Delta and Vivitek have agreed to withdraw their LauncherPlus products from the U.S. market. Barco’s U.S. lawsuit against Delta and Vivitek is part of a coordinated worldwide effort

to enforce its pat-


Logitech Tap bundles now shipping via Maverick AV Solutions

Logitech_Ad_AV_News_TAP_266x40_0619.indd 1 28.06.19 14:38

ents against those who commercialize wireless presentation systems copying ClickShare’s original features. As a direct result of Barco’s enforcement action, Delta and Vivitek have agreed to withdraw their LauncherPlus wire- less presentation product in the United States.

This achievement follows the success- ful completion of another U.S. infringe- ment case in February 2020. Barco ended its case against Sahara Presen-

Having graduated with a de- gree in Economics, Starkey is a qualified Chartered Accountant with 22 years technology in- dustry experience and over 18 years of that in senior commer- cial management roles. Star- key joined Logicalis from EY in 1998 and had various roles including Finance Director, COO and Managing Director before moving to EMC / Dell in 2015 to run Software Defined Solutions across EMEA and becoming latterly Director of Sales Strategy across Western Europe.

Incoming CEO Mark Starkey Barco enforces ClickShare IP

tation Systems after obtaining that its Clevershare products were materially redesigned to avoid patent infringe- ment. As a result, the Clevershare product lacks some of the unique technical capabilities (like the built- in WIFI-chip) that make ClickShare a simple, user-friendly and secure pre- sentation system.

Barco has also obtained IP protection victories in other countries, includ- ing a preliminary injunction against

two major distributors in Denmark in 2018, seizure of devices from the ISE trade show in the Netherlands in 2017 and 2019, as well as various settlement agreements preventing distributors from further dealings in infringing devices. In

March and 2020, Patent Trademark

10,585,814 was granted by the U.S. Patent


Number for

ClickShare. This new patent provides even broader protection for every iter-

ation of ClickShare by removing certain restrictions on where the operative soft- ware must be stored within the presen- tation-system environment. Moreover, in January 2020, the USPTO issued a notice of allowance for US patent application US20190205275 protecting Barco’s Clickshare Conference. A positive search report was also issued by the World In- tellectual Property Organization for the co-pending international patent appli- cation WO2019129696A1.

said: “I am honoured to have the opportunity to head up the talented Sahara leadership team as we take the next step in the exciting future of tech- nology advancement. Clever- touch is the market leader in Interactive Flat Panel Displays here in the UK and we know we can rapidly expand upon that position across the Edu- cation and Corporate space. Our recent partnership with Zoom and the rapid deploy- ment of Unified Communi- cations solutions means that Clevertouch is well positioned

Sahara’s distribution business now has ac- cess to the full Epson range: In addition to an extensive existing portfolio of Epson cor- porate, education and signage projectors, Sahara AV is pleased to announce we now have access to Epson’s complete Profes- sional Displays range, including high end installation products ranging from 12,000 to 15,000 lumens, alongside purpose-built rental and staging projectors up to 25,000 lumens. The timing also coincides with the recent launch of Epson’s first ever native 4K projector, the EB-L12000Q, and just ahead of the launch of the new flagship EB-L30000U rental projector later this summer, Epson’s brightest model yet at an impressive 30,000 lumens.

Sahara Presentations Group has announced that the Board of Directors has appointed Mark Starkey as Chief Executive Of- ficer.

Sharon Head, sales manager for Profes- sional Displays at Epson UK, said: “Ep- son and Sahara AV have built a strong relationship over the years and have set huge benchmarks together in the educa- tion sector. Our industry leading portfolio of professional display products is a great reinforcement to their growth within visitor attractions and other fixed and rental in- stallations where you need to be offering customers reliable, flexible, high-end pro- jection. With this increased product offer- ing, we are confident that Sahara’s success will continue to grow in these areas, and we look forwards to working with them ever more closely”. Peter Vernon, Projection Specialist at Sa- hara AV comments: “as one of the largest suppliers of Epson projectors in the UK, this cements our relationship and our commit- ment to projection within the industry”.

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