Pg 6 • MAY 2020 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

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UPBEAT LIVING Supports Immunity Appreciation

by Marcia Singer ~

Sonoma County, CA. ~ Hello, welcome. How are you today? And wel- come to the third incar- nation of my monthly column, morphing from a guest article in March 2012 into “WordPlay: Vocab Rehab,” and from there, to “IN A WORD: Living the Upbeat Life” with Q&A, into simply “Upbeat Living.” Lately, to simply feel

better, and to boost my immunity, I’m counting blessings –and roses! Eighty-four blooming right outside my bed- room window! Dark red Lincolns and pinks, small golden peach varieties --so many! Dozen more greet me on the west side of my house: a bursting bush


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Pg 6 • MAY 2020 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

of soft pinks, and or- angey, peachy climbers. Stopping to smell, puts heaven in reach. I’m blessed with so many opportu- nities to open my heart…

Our lives are upside down, paused, chang- ing. We’re re- alizing how much we took for granted prior to the shelter- ing-in-place or- der.


also, realizing the importance of daily habits that encourage

peace of mind, cour- age, ingenuity and a re- silient immune system. And learning more how the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies influence one another.

For instance,

scientific studies demon- strate how focusing on anything we clearly value, tells our cells that all’s well enough. Grat- itude attitude turns the

mendous reserves of energy!

If our instincts for

survival avoiding

or escaping dangers are left turned on, they stress our immune re- sponses. Conversely, when we’re praising, we get showered with lovely endorphins. Here’s a short list of some things I’m appre- ciating right now, and in ways like never quite be-

body towards healing and growth, rather than fight, flight or freeze – all of which require tre-

fore: Delivery persons.

The UPS guy, my mail- man, bringing packages and mail to my porch. Everyone behind the scenes, the USPS…before the mail reaches a pouch…


our food grow- ers, harvesters, processors, truck drivers –all the transporters, storage provid- ers, store owners, managers –and staff on our front lines, keeping us fed…


folks devising creative ways to

feed us –all of us, each of us: have we ever, as a global species, been as aware of, or concerned for –each of us?!


where would we be with- out all the caretakers, health providers, med- ical personnel, makers of protective gear, main- tenance crews – it’s im- possible even to name all the jobs, roles, peo- ple involved to thank. Every single service

I use –from my T.P. and TV, Netflix, online li- brary, water filtering sys- tem, computer internet, phone, electric lights and roadways – and things I need and enjoy e.g.

clothing, furniture,

bedding, a house, (and whoever planted all those roses!)


other people! A gigantic, interwoven tapestry of human effort and genius. And other life forms we share this planet with…

continued on page 12 When people ask me what the most important thing is in life, I answer: ‘Just breathe.’ ~ Yoko Ono JOKES & Humor # 2

Paints were a very precious quantity in the good old days, and British merchants could make a young fortune supplying paints to the colonies.

One company sent a clipper ship full of red paint across the ocean. It had the very bad luck to collide with another ship full of blue paint.

There was this snail who wanted to be a For- mula One racing driver. He went along to the track and asked if he could drive. The racing team manager said,

As a result of this disas- ter, both crews were... marooned. ~

‘Yes, but you can’t have a number on your car, you can only have an ‘S’ because you are a snail.’ The Snail was OK about this is so he en- tered the race. The race started and the snail’s car was at the back... but suddenly he sped to the front, over-taking all the cars and won!!

As the spectators saw the Snail speed past them, they yelled ‘WOW! LOOK AT THAT S-CAR GO!!’

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