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Himalayan Mountaintops Visible for the First Time in 30 Years!

This is a picture of Becky “sheltering in place” showing the Upbeat Times April cover and two pieces of paper. Those pieces of paper are our

2020 (so far) cruise cancellation/voucher notices: On the left is our March Oceania cruise from Lima to Buenos Areas around the Horn. On the right, our June Viking cruise from Bergen to London via the artic circle and midnight sun.We have other plans for later in 2020, but we will need to see when the travel industry gets back on its feet. In the interim, we all need good news, so keep up the great work with Upbeat Times Paul!

Solution for APRIL, 2020 CROSSWORD

The Good News Network recently reported that as more and more global communities enforce stay-at-home orders and social restrictions, rates of air pollution have plummeted. They said that the most notable example of this phenomenon emerged on the horizon of Jaland- har in Punjab, India ear- lier in April. For the last 30 years, the tops of the Hima- layan mountains have been obscured by air pollution and smog. Now as the city streets are emptied of traffic and gas-guzzling vehicles, the mountaintops were clearly visible to the mil- lions of local communi- ties in quarantine. Pho- tographers living as far as 124 miles away from the mountain range have since posted awe-inspir- ing pictures of the snow- capped peaks to social media in celebration of the spectacular sight.

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UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • MAY 2020 • Pg 23

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