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BIG Spring Guide#3

MarinMOCA And Extrafood Team Up To Raise Money For Food Delivery From Nancy Rehkopf, Executive Director ~ • (415) 637-9730

NOVATO, CA. ~ The Marin Museum of Con- temporary Art (Marin- MOCA) and ExtraFood are harness- ing the cre- ative power of

artists to

raise money to feed the needy in Ma- rin County. Masks are becoming required fa- cial gear, and Marin- MO CA ’ s member art- ists are mak- ing it fun. In the #Mask_ erpiece Challenge, they are creating artful masks, using well-known mas-

terpieces for inspiration, as well as contemporary

will contribute $5, for a to- tal of $5,000 to ExtraFood. ExtraFood is serving on the front lines of this crisis by rescu- ing food and delivering freshly-made meals to Marin’ s food-inse- cure popula- tion through over 100 lo- cal safety net partners. Says Ex- traFood Founder and CEO, Marv

art techniques. For every #Mask_erpiece which is posted on social media, a group of generous donors

Zauderer, “During this cri- sis, ExtraFood is quickly leveraging its nimble model to increase our re-


Downtown Santa Rosa pub: Open daily 11am-8pm for takeout food and beer, menu online, order by phone at 707-545-2337 Windsor Gift Shop: bottles, cans and growlers to go! Open daily Noon-6pm.

700 Mitchell Lane., Windsor, CA 725 4th St., Santa Rosa, CA

Windsor Location Santa Rosa Location

Think of yourself as on the

threshold of unparalleled success.

We will Get Through this!!

Stay Strong! Pg 12 • MAY 2020 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

A whole, clear, glorious life lies before you. Achieve!

Achieve! Andrew Carnegie

sponse to the needs of our community.” MarinMOCA’s Executive Director Nancy Rehkopf adds “Art can lift the spir- its, inspire the mind, and calm our fears. We are so pleased to unleash the creativity of MarinMOCA’s members to share their art- istry and help raise money for food delivery during this time of great need.”


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So, yes, these times are a waking up for human- kind, how we always have “been in this to- gether.” It’s time to sing an inclusive tune.

And how about in-

cluding appreciation for the ecosystem that is the human body? Med- itating, being mindful of lungs, heart, kidneys, hands, brains, legs and feet that carry me where I want to go… Is there any aspect or function of this gobsmacking ge- nius creation unworthy of admiration? And well wishing? Feeling grat- itude for our fabulous, mysterious instruments is a good daily practice. No longer to just be taken for granted. Could I treat my body like roy- alty, love her like a best friend? Today I’m wanting to

notice and marvel more, and entertain curiosity about all the things I use, enjoy, depend on. And about fellow humans, their labors of love or sacrifice that make our world go around. appreciate myself

And as

part of that --and you, Dear Reader, as I add to the prayers that “when this is over,” what will have been born through us will be more clearly the Dream we’ve al- ways had in our heart of hearts: for us all to mat- ter, to be recognized, and to be well. Sta Bene,

Shining DeLight, Marcia This is a moment in history where it is almost hard to catch your breath. ~ Hillary Clinton

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