BIG Spring Guide#3

Sonoma County, CA. ~ If we have learned anything from the Covid virus, it is that we are all in this together. From Wuhan, China to New York


from Rome to Barcelona, to New Delhi, to the heart of Af- rica, this virus threatens us all. And it is won- derful that ev- eryone, for the most part, is co- operating with the drastic mea- sures needed to contain this deadly and contagious pan- demic. We are seeing the positive effects of this coop- eration.

This leads to the ques-

tion: “If we can do this in a time of emergency, can we do it when we emerge from this danger?” Could we see that global warming is the same shared emergency? Clearly

the Earth is telling us we need to adapt to repair the health of the planet. We did not listen to extreme fires and floods, so now this pandemic has come and MADE us shut down business as usual. Re- markably it is working very well. Not only is the self quaran- tine helping contain the virus, but

it is also clearing up our skyways and waterways. Since the beginning of the iso- lation orders air quality is up 40%, fish have returned to the canals in Venice, folks in Bei- jing, China and Mumbai, In- dia are seeing blue sky for the first time in forever. So the question becomes, “When

this all ends what can we do TOGETHER to make a pos- itive impact on the whole world? We have learned that when we cooperate we can accomplish anything. This is a good time for

Peacetowns around the world to take up the call for coop- eration. The most important aspect of Peacetown is that, there are no leaders, no gurus, no hierarchy to send down marching orders, no depend- ing on someone else to take charge; JUST US doing what needs to b e

Repairing the Planet...One day at a Time Messages from Peacetown MAY 2020

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • MAY 2020 • Pg 15 Fun Facts & Trivia #3

By Jim Corbett ~

noticed, when I do go out in public, that people are qui- eter, more conscious of oth- ers and polite. Even though we are all a bit on edge, folks seem kinder, as we recognize that, indeed, we are all in this together. So if the idea of a world

where folks cooperate and collaborate appeals to you become a Citizen of Peace- It’s ordinary folks searching for their own in- ner peace and joining with other ordi- nary folks to

beauty. It is FREE. done to promote the

greater good for all. The idea of Peacetown is a group of ordinary individuals creating beauty, loving their neigh- bors, building community and recognizing the Divinity in themselves and everyone and everything they see. I’ve

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relationships - you have a personal advocate.

There are no border walls, everyone is welcome to con- tribute their gifts. Peace, Kindness and Love are all transmissible. Pass it on!

5 1 We’re experienced travelers. 3

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Poppy’s seen on Joe Radota Trail in Sebastopol, CA. ~ P.A.D.

California poppy,

(Eschscholzia californica), plant of the poppy family (Papaveraceae), native to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. It has become naturalized in parts of southern Europe, Asia,


and Australia. Depending on conditions, California poppies flower from February to Sep- tember in their native range. Horticultural varieties include tall, dwarf, double, and single; they have been developed in various colors.

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