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UPBEAT: ALIVE & WELL! by Paul Andrew Doyle, Publisher ~ ~ 707-494-1767

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ This seems to be a time of great reflection. A time to re- member all the positives in our lives. There is so much to be thankful for! I am extremely thankful for the grocery stores re- maining open. If you no- tice, there are still many people here attempting to keep their businesses afloat. I am doing my best to let the public know that we are strong here at the Upbeat Times and will do what it takes to sup- ply the county with what I call good news and will help anyone who needs a boost to get the word out, and that they too, are open still. This paper requires the purchases of advertise- ments so that we can print this paper. If you still are in business, like this paper and would advertise with us...we can keep this pa- per going strong. I have a prediction; this will be over sooner than we think. It will take time to get things mov- ing again, but it will be important for all of us to help each other in the pro- cess. My plan is to do just that. If you cant find a

copy (physical, of this paper) I always keep this paper on- line at www.up- Even though I print hard copies, we know it is important to have access to the good news in other ways. We are in the pro- cess of

converting the paper to a magazine style format... which, is still happening! As you can see, the cover is now glossy. What this means to all of us I truly don’t know...but we have ambitions to always look a bit better and addition- ally to set ourselves apart from most other print me- dia without pomp and cir- cumstance. Of course, we are unlike any other print media, at least here locally in Sonoma County. I have been enjoying some of the extra time at home...although the amount of time I do spend designing this publication is done from the comfort of my home office, and have done so since 1997. I’ve thought about getting some kind of extra job to make up for the losses as of recent and have been looking, but I decided to offer some of my greeting cards, art prints and coffee cups for sale as you can see on the back page. The money will assist in pay- ing for printing,

keeping the de- liv - ery

people back to work and paying for expenses re- lated to running the paper. On a side note, I am happy to say the garden is my immediate positive sanc- tuary that reminds me that growth continues to flour- ish. It gives me immedi- ate gratification...and, I will have a bit of food in the next many months. I could truly use extra

funds at this point, but I’m getting creative and mak- ing it work! From my personal re-

search, this epidemic may have started many months ago. My own bother, Chris is recovering from the vi- rus in his home in Sweden. My good friend up in Ore- gon and his wife may have had it back in December of 2019. They are much better after nearly six weeks of symptoms. What I’ve read and learned is that people are recovering more than they are expir- ing. I have to look at the positive side because it is very sad for anyone to have been affected. At this point it is what it is and now it is time to heal. I am producing this pa-

per with some of the writ- ers still contributing de- spite their challenges. I am delivering the entire

paper myself. With over 800 locations, it is a lot of work. At this point there are not as many places to deliver. We are restocking all the locations that are open. If you want to find the paper, it is available everywhere! Pretty much all the gro- cery stores have it. I am pleased

up in every location and running out!

continued on page 5 Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power. ~ Lao Tzu

to say that the pa- per is being picked

MAY 2020 • Pg 3

Cover Art

Cover art by Shotsie Gorman, multi me- dia artist and a local member of the Springs Creative Group. Title: ‘Juvenile Blue Tail Skink’. 48” x 48”. Acrylic on wood pane. Full story on page 17.

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