Faircracker SPRING 2020 NAME Seals the Deals

are attended by over 15 million people. In 2019, these fairs include 13 of the top 50 fairs in Canada and the Unit- ed States. Although the winter months provide a bit of respite from

North American Midway Entertainment (NAME) staff and management enjoyed some down- time these past few months before they begin their 9 month midway odyssey provid- ing their traveling amusement park to over 125 fairs and events annually, that

our fair, enhancing the guest experience and increasing our attendance for the life of this contract.” The Calgary Stampede - Further north, the great folks

the busy fair season, NAME’s management team has been busy planning for 2020 and is proud to announce the sign- ing of many new contracts that extends their quality per- formance at a number of fairs. South Carolina State Fair – In October, NAME signed

a record-breaking new contract with this fine fall event, which is a fair favorite for all of the South Carolina popula- tion. The six-year agreement is the longest that Nancy Smith and her team has ever entered into and NAME is proud to be their top choice. In partnership with the South Carolina State Fair, NAME has seen immense growth in attendance over the last few years and 2019 was no ex- ception. Arguably, one of the big draws was the North American premier of the new 150’ tall luxury Celebration Wheel to commemorate the fair’s 150th anniversary. Work- ing with the fair to make the anniversary as memorable as possible for the patrons was certainly a highlight of 2019 and we look forward to working together on many more exciting projects over the next 6 years. Nancy Smith, the General Manager said, “The South Car-

at the Calgary Stampede signed a contract with NAME’s International Unit which provides the Stampede with NAME’s exceptional products and midway services through to the end of the 2024 exhibition. This contract marks a long time partnership with the Stampede, which is so much more than a signature on a piece of paper. Tony Diaz, North American Midway President and General Man- ager said, “Our relationship with the Stampede is one that finds us collaborating to provide the best customer experi- ence with regard to attractions, customer service, quality employees and safety, which has led NAME and the Stam- pede to raise the bar year after year that has lead to mid- way records and outstanding growth. ”NAME plans to premier the new Super Gondola Wheel at the Stampede in 2020. St Joseph County Fair, South Bend, IN and Elkhart

County 4-H Fair, Elkhart, IN - The Mid-America Unit has been busy. Late in 2019, they signed two 10 year con- tracts with the St. Joseph County Fair in South Bend, IN and another 10 year term at Elkhart County 4-H fair in Elkhart, IN. Both of these fantastic fairs have been in the North American Midway slate of events for over 30 years and both have signed two long term back to back con- tracts. This move supports NAME’s long term stability vi- sion that furthers their mandates focused on dedication to the best quality midway presentation. Westerner Days, Red Deer, Alberta and The Great-

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olina State Fair is pleased to announce our contract renew- al with North American Midway Entertainment. We have enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship with NAME for years and look forward to the future.” NAME continues to bring quality rides and entertainment

to the South Carolina State Fair, something our patrons look very forward to each year. The addition of NAME’s “150 Celebration Wheel” to the South Carolina State Fair’s ride lineup in 2019 was welcome and exciting news. NAME continues its commitment to our industry to “make the best better”. Miami Dade County Fair – Shortly before Christmas,

North American Midway inked a new deal with the Miami Dade County Fair that extends our long-term partnership though to the end of 2024. NAME provides nearly 100 rides at the fair and they are hot off the heels of setting a new midway revenue record in 2019. Danny Huston, CEO of NAME, commented upon executing the new contract that, “The sky’s the limit with this progressive and forward -thinking fair. We are so excited about the further pro- spects in Miami and working with this fine group of profes- sionals.” Eddie Cora, Miami Dade County Fair & Exposition stated,

“The Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition is looking for- ward to working with North American Midway for another five years. Over the years the two organizations have formed a very strong partnership centered on constantly improving the guest experience. The mutual understand- ing and commitment to our guests is what has made our organization successful and we look forward to improving

er Gulf State Fair, Mobile Alabama - North American Midway recently sealed two contracts in Red Deer at West- erner Days and at the Greater Gulf State Fair in Mobile, Alabama. The Red Deer contract runs through to 2024 and the Greater Gulf State Fair arrangement is through to 2025. Each of these contracts proves that NAME is com- mitted to the continued success and future growth regard- less of the size of the event. Red Deer is located between Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta and runs a 5-day event, which boasts an attendance draw that exceeds the popula- tion of the city of Red Deer. Westerner Days posts in- crease after increase due to their progressive program- ming. The Greater Gulf State Fair, a few miles down the road from Red Deer (in fact 2,400 miles down the road) headed up by CEO Josh Woods has really turned the cor- ner and now posts increases year after year drawing from all regions of the Gulf Coast. Speaking with Danny Huston the Owner and CEO of

North American Midway, Danny said that these contract signings with large scale and mid size events paves the road for our company to lead the industry with new capi- tal, midway amenities innovative customer service man- dates and staffing and further grow our national audience by providing a very quality product at every level and eve- ry event. The future looks bright.

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