USET Foundation and US Equestrian

Saddened by Loss of Longtime Eventing

Supporter Steve Blauner The United States Equestrian Team (USET)

Foundation and US Equestrian are deeply saddened by the sudden loss of Steve Blauner, a valued USET Foundation trustee and longtime owner for U.S. Eventing Team High Performance athletes Boyd Mar- tin and Doug Payne. A dedicated proponent of the syndicate ownership

model, Blauner owned six horses through syndicates that represented the U.S. at the Olympic Games, World

ASPCA Launches Open-Admission Support Center for Horses in Oklahoma City

New pilot program provides free resources and rehoming services to horse owners in need

OKLAHOMA CITY — The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to An- imals®) today announced the ASPCA Regional Support Center, a pilot program to provide fully-sub- sidized services to horse owners in need in the Oklahoma City area. In collaboration with a local veterinary clinic and several re-homing part- ners, the open-admission center pro- vides a safe place for horse owners to relinquish horses for adoption into a new home and offers access to basic veterinary services and hu- mane euthanasia for suffering horses, mules and donkeys. “Unfortunately, there are very

few safe, affordable options for horse owners when they are unable to keep, sell or give away their horse, and the ASPCA is committed to creating humane options for these equines,” said Tom Persechino, di- rector of ASPCA Equine Welfare. “When dog and cat owners are un- able to continue caring for a pet and need help, they can seek out a shel- ter where their animal will be cared for and placed into a loving home. The ASPCA—along with many of our shelter and rescue partners—are

on a mission to create the same life- saving options for equines across the country.” The ASPCA Regional Sup-

port Center is assisting horse owners in Oklahoma, Logan, Kingfisher, Canadian, Grady, McClain, Cleve- land, Pottawatomie, and Lincoln counties. All surrendered equines are evaluated by a licensed veteri- narian to assess the animal’s health. Horses suitable for placement are placed with an ASPCA re-homing partner for adoption into a new, safe home. More than 70 horses have re- ceived services since the pilot launched in August, with several horses having already been success- fully re-homed and approximately 50 horses currently awaiting adop- tion through the program. In 2018, the ASPCA launched

its first ASPCA Regional Support Center pilot in the North Texas area, where nearly 60 equines were helped in under six months. Of the horses brought to the center for re- homing , the top three reasons were human health problems, issues re- lated to the health of the horse, and a change in the owner’s housing or living conditions. The data collected during the pilot will help the ASPCA identify future opportuni- ties to implement similar programs and expand the reach of vital serv-

ices throughout the country. “One of our goals with the

ASPCA Regional Support Center is to bust some of the myths about horses in transition,” said Per- sechino. “Through our work, we’re demonstrating that horses in need of rehoming, like many of the horses who were surrendered to us during our first pilot program, have tremen- dous potential to go on to new homes and successful second or third careers,” Horse owners in the Okla-

homa City area interested in making an appointment at the ASPCA Re- gional Support Center may call 405- 423-1461

or email For more information about

the ASPCA’s efforts to improve equine welfare, please visit


About the ASPCA® Founded in 1866,


ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ani- mals®) was the first animal welfare organization in North America and continues to serve as the nation’s leading voice for animals. More than two million supporters strong, the ASPCA is committed to its mis- sion of providing effective means for the prevention of cruelty to ani- mals throughout the United States. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corpo- ration, the ASPCA is a national leader in the areas of anti-cruelty, community outreach and animal health services. For more informa- tion, please visit, and be sure to follow the ASPCA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

New Holland offers new commitment to equine industry with Equine Equipment alliance

Equestrian Games, and Pan American Games. An am- ateur rider himself, Blauner also supported up-and- coming eventing athletes, both as an owner and through launching the MARS Bromont Rising Pro- gram, which provides training and educational oppor- tunities for under-25 athletes. Steve Blauner was a valued USET Foundation

(New Holland, Pa., January 16, 2020) – New Holland has formed a sales alliance with Equine Equipment, a Georgetown, Kentucky company of- fering dedicated equipment discounts to participants in the equine industry in the U.S. and Canada. Equine Equipment programs provide direct and tangible financial

their deepest condolences to Blauner’s partner, Ken Shelley, and to his family and friends. He will be deeply missed.

the equestrian community, continuously working to enhance visibility and exposure for the discipline of eventing, as well as ensuring other owners and sup- porters of the sport were involved with the USET Foundation and its mission. He was also a cornerstone of the equestrian community in Millbrook, NY, and in- strumental in running the Millbrook Horse Trials. A true servant of equestrianism, Blauner was a member of the USET Foundation Raising the Bar Campaign Steering Committee and the USEF Event Owners Task Force, and he greatly contributed to the success of U.S. High Performance Teams. The USET Foundation and US Equestrian send

trustee and longtime owner for U.S. Eventing Team High Performance athletes Boyd Martin and Doug Payne. Blauner was a motivated and engaged member of

and other support to the equine industry with discounts offered. This al- liance provides exclusive savings opportunities on New Holland equip- ment for eligible equine customers, ensuring they get the right equipment for their operation at a discounted price, as well as great service after the sale.

“Equine participants are shopping for demonstrable value, making

New Holland the perfect fit,” says Brett Davis, vice president for New Holland, North America. “By working with Equine Equipment, we’re pro- viding those in the horse industry exclusive savings opportunities from partners who truly understand and care about their operation.” Equine Equipment works to understand the needs of each customer

– including racetracks, large stables, ranches and veterinarians – and con- nect the customer with their local participating New Holland dealer. “This partnership will benefit the entire equine community by de-

livering quality products from a worldwide leader in farm equipment. I am honored that New Holland has placed its trust in my company,” says Steve Andersen, founder of Equine Equipment. “It’s a pretty simple con- cept: if you offer the top brands, top dealers and excellent service with a clear and concise savings program, you’ll be helping the industry.” To learn more about this partnership and savings opportunity, visit or call 877-905-0004.

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