Equestrian Canada To Roll Out New Engagement Events Initiative In 2020

Ottawa, ON, Feb. 5, 2020 – Equestrian Canada (EC) is pleased to announce a new engagement events initiative structured around hosting series and summits on alter- nating years to provide in- creased value and meaningful development opportunities to stakehold- ers.

Following a pilot ver-

sion of the EC Convention in 2019, which saw the longstanding event move to a fall timeframe - hosted at the Royal Agricultural Win- ter Fair in Toronto, ON - EC embarked on an in-depth de- brief and evaluation of its

landmark event. Analysis of Convention data from the past five-year period under- lined declining participa- tion, scheduling conflicts, minimal success with fundraising initiatives, and increasing costs to the or- ganization. “It’s time for the Con-

vention to evolve to better fit the needs and expecta- tions of the industry and the organization, improve cost efficiency, and increase the reach from coast-to-coast,” explained Yves Hamelin, EC Interim CEO. “Through the development of a five- year plan, we have mapped

out a path forward that will provide increased engage- ment opportunities across the country through a blend of targeted series around key initiatives, and stand- alone gatherings of gover- nance,

industry, and affiliates.”

Five-Year Engagement Events Plan The five-year engage-

ment events plan is struc- tured around hosting series and summits on alternating years.

Series • Multiple events hosted

throughout the year at loca- tions across the country. • Focused on providing key information and soliciting feedback on specific pro- grams and initiatives. • Encourages strengthening the chain of communication from coast-to-coast and sup- ports advancement of key strategic initiatives, includ- ing sport development, the athlete pathway and indus- try.

Summit • A single gathering targeted at EC governance, industry and affiliated associations. • Focused on transferring in-

formation, seeking input, and face-to-face collabora- tion to align EC’s strategic direction with all stakehold- ers. • Encourages relationship development, information sharing, and setting strategic directions and future projec- tions. • Provides opportunities to learn from and network with world-class Canadian and international presenters, mentors and experts. Timeline The timeline has been

constructed to align effi- ciently with the major games cycle to ensure suffi-

cient capacity and resources can be allocated to the EC engagement events. The Se- ries will

Watch for more infor- fall on

Olympic/Paralympic and FEI World Championships years, while the Summits are scheduled for the non- Games and Pan American Games years to allow more bandwidth for the heavier logistics of hosting a Sum- mit.

Year/ Event 2020 - EC Series 2021 - EC Summit 2022 - EC Series 2023 - EC Summit 20204 - EC Series

mation to come on EC en- gagement events, including details on upcoming 2020 EC Series events!

Questions? Comments? For questions and com-

ments regarding EC engage- ment events, please contact: Jessie Christie EC Senior Manager, Mar- keting & Communications 1-866-282-8395 x 133

Alice Lawaetz Purchases Top Horse From Torrey Pines Stable

Torrey Pines Stable as a full-time rider and trainer. Lawaetz and Lamaze

met in Lanaken, Belgium, in the summer of 2019. Lawaetz had been looking for a horse for her own rid- ing pursuits for over a year and hadn’t found a suitable candidate. She expressed her desire to Lamaze to buy a top-level horse and ex- plained exactly what she wanted. Not long after, she got the call from Lamaze saying he had found a horse that matched her needs. “Eric listened to what

Wellington, Florida – Alice Lawaetz has purchased in- ternational show jumping prospect, Higuain, through Eric Lamaze’s Torrey Pines Stable.

The American com-

petitor and owner bought Higuain, an eight-year-old

grey Hanoverian gelding (Grey Top x For Edition), through the 2008 Canadian Olympic champion. The horse was formerly cam- paigned by Hayley Barnhill, a young up-and-coming American professional who recently joined Lamaze’s

I said and called me when he thought he had a horse that was of the caliber I wanted,” said Lawaetz. “I didn’t have to go and try 15 horses. Eric said this was the horse and he was one hundred percent right. It was exactly what I was looking for – scopey, intelli- gent, good-looking, and sound.” As a six-year-old,

Higuain was successfully campaigned in Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) sanctioned young horse competition in Eu- rope.

“I had been searching for over a year for a horse

for myself and everyone kept trying to sell me 15- year-old horses that jumped 1.20m,” explained Lawaetz. “As a busy professional run- ning my own company, I want a horse that is special when I do have time to ride; something super-sexy that I can trust to go in the ring and have the ability to do anything I want it to do. “It was wonderful and

so refreshing to work with a professional who listened to me and found what I asked for,” continued Lawaetz of her experience working with Lamaze. “He didn’t waste my time trying to sell me something that I didn’t want. I told him exactly what I was looking for and he delivered.” As the President of

Falconwood Inc. with head- quarters in Arlington, VA, Lawaetz keeps her personal horses with U.S. eventing team veteran Stephen Bradley in Middleburg, VA, while also maintaining a winter base in Wellington, FL. An all-round horse- woman, Lawaetz competes in a myriad of equestrian sports including show jump- ing, dressage, eventing, and fox hunting. She competes

Mark These Dates - Announcing The Inaugural AQHA Canadian Summit

excited to formally invite you to at- tend the inaugural Canadian Summit, in conjunction with the CQHA’s An- nual General Meeting and the Saskatchewan Equine Expo! An AQHA Summit is conducted

the CQHA Annual General Meeting Friday, February 14, 2020 at 5:30 pm & the Saskatchewan Horse Expo Feb- ruary 13-16, 2020 The CQHA and the AQHA are

every other year for each international affiliate region.Topics of discussion on Saturday February 15th, the first day of the Summit, include but are not limited to: • international department specific and general AQHA news • task force updates • rule changes • funding structures • any other information pertinent to the region On Sunday, February 16th, the second day of the Summit, AQHA in

Saturday, February 15 & Sunday, February 16, 2020 To be held in conjunction with

on both sides of the Atlantic, showing in North America as well as in Europe. Lawaetz has also

made a name for herself as the owner of top-level horses for a wide range of international

European base outside Brus- sels, Belgium. For more information

on Lamaze and his Torrey Pines Stable, visit www.eri-

athletes. Left: American business-

Lawaetz currently owns 16 horses in total for various riders in multiple disciplines including Chacna, which Enrique Gonzalez plans to ride as a member of the Mexican show jumping team at the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. She also works closely with Germany’s Paul Schock- emöhle to purchase promis- ing young prospects and develop them to their high- est potential and, in 2018, was honored as the recipient of the PSI Award in the ‘Supporter’ category. With bases in

Wellington, Florida, and Brussels,


Lamaze’s Torrey Pines Sta- ble is a large training and sales business specializing in sport horses for the inter- national market. Lamaze and the Torrey Pines team will be competing in Wellington, FL, for the re- mainder of the winter sea- son before returning to their

Judges Clinic Open To Everyone

April 4-5, 2020 Judges clinics design;

inar and business summit day are available FREE for current AQHA members (Tip: bring your AQHA membership card). New or renewal AQHA memberships may be pur- chased at the door.

partnership with the CQHA, are pleased to provide an educational judges seminar with John Pipkin. You do not have to be a judge to participate in this seminar! Classes covered will include VRH Ranch Trail, VRH Ranch Riding, Halter, Horsemanship, and the All-Around VRH Award. Please note that the judging sem-

dian-summit for the AQHA Canadian Summit agenda Please RSVP direct to AQHA to

confirm you’ll be attending. Reply using this All events to be held at

email link:

Prairieland Park 503 Ruth St W, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Host Hotel: Park Town Saskatoon, 924 Spadina Cres. East, Saskatoon, SK (306) 244- 5564 (844) 868-6893


Great for exhibitors, judges, ring stewards, and anyone interested in learning about competition $150/ 2 days - Show DVDs for sale Held in St.George, Ontario

Please call 519-732-0219 to register

woman, rider, and owner, Alice Lawaetz. Below: Alice Lawaetz com- petes in several disciplines at the top level including eventing. Photos courtesy of Alice Lawaetz

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