34/ FEBRUARY 2020 THE RIDER POLO: with Ruth Armstrong from Armstrong Farm

to learn. The social side and friendliness of everyone at every single place you go to is wonderful there is simply no comparison. At the end of a game is wine and dine

be it burgers or steak…we sit and unwind all comparing plays, horses, our bruises and an adrenaline rush that drives us to do it all over again, better, faster stronger…it’s that same bug that all horse people can relate to.

works at a different job un- less you are a professional, and there’s not too many of them in Canada. Here are a few of

Toronto Polo Clubs Special Events that you could attend and tailgate. (picnic from your vehicle)

Ruth works out of Re/Max Real Estate Cen- tre in Orangeville and is a 23-year resident of Dufferin County.

What do you call Fun, Family, A So-

cial Gatherings, Sunshine and a Good Old Asado? POLO !! Can anyone play?. The assumption is

that only the wealthy adults can play. That assumption could not be more wrong. There is quite a large movement of kids competition especially interscholastic and intercollegiate, I believe there is even a middle school level of Polo competition now. Most people who play are not wealthy. It certainly helps if you have a couple of horses but not a necessity. My daughter Tiffany learned to play polo on some borrowed ponies, quickly became hooked and joined a club. She joined a girls interscholastic team at our local Polo club and traveled with the club all over, playing other Polo clubs. Only when they played at our home Polo club were ponies required for them and the guest team. The adult players come from all

walks of life, as you know I’m a realtor with Re/max Real Estate Centre, I am known as an eventer and breeder; my friends are horse vets, I know of every type of career from chiropractor to dentist, driver, lawyer, salesman, insurance broker the list is endless, there is no age, no pedi- gree and no gender base. Anyone can play who has a love of horses and a willingness

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• June 18 - 20 - Polo For Heart • July 3 - 12 - Polo Canada East meets West Junior Challenge in Calgary • July 17 -19 - Polo For The Cure • August 15 - Polo For Mathew’s House Hospice in Alliston • Sept. 12 - Polo Niagara, Niagara-On-The-Lake Watch this space for

more information on these events, there will also be the events in Ottawa and Mon- treal. The attached picture is of Montreal Polo Club’s wonderful Asado and the wine tasting during an Ot- tawa event. There is always a warm welcome wherever you go.

And talking of profes-

My close friend Elizabeth Hearn says there’s a quote somewhere that says “ play- ing Polo is a passport to the world”, every- where you go there will always be someone or a club willing and happy to welcome you to join them, with an accredited handicap there is no need for references or ability checks, people just seem to welcome you all over the world such is their love of the sport and its people. Elizabeth’s whole fam- ily pay Polo and her two daughters Clair and Nicky came through the girls team sys- tem both superb players too well rounded athletes. Nearly everyone who plays also

Private Listings - Call Ruth!

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sional work here is this month’s barn and property tips for the coming spring market property manage- ment and remember a well- maintained property is always safer and much eas- ier to sell!

REALTY WITH RUTH FROM Re/Max Real Es- tate Centre.

The season has kicked

off early and fast farms are selling houses are selling, the

interest rate is

favourable, and the stress test might be under review. I’m looking for listings as I have qualified buyers wait- ing. If you want an no obli- gation chat call me: 519 942 6085

Maintenance Fix those holes in the

barn or property roof, there is nothing worse than hav- ing to deal with rodents’ mid winter in the feed room, roof or home, and even worse the smell if you’ve left it too late and fixed it complete with the winter ro- dents in situ……just ewww.

Muck pile Spread or contact

your local farmer to remove your muck pile or contact your local green house they may even buy it from you bagged.

Fence check Replace split, warped

or even missing boards. Have some pre-cut replace- ments ready for an easy mid

Water Heaters Did you know there

are some excellent solar water heaters?

If you want someone

who knows horse farms helping you buy to or sell your property. Give RUTH ARM-

STRONG a call (519) 942- 6085

Catherine Maguire Receives December 2019 Dressage Volunteer Of The Month Award

Ottawa, ON, Dec. 20, 2019 – Equestrian Canada (EC) is pleased to announce that Catherine Maguire of Almonte, ON, has been chosen as the December 2019 recipient of the Dressage Volunteer of the Month Award. For many years, Maguire has held the position of Pres-

finished cosmetically! TAKE NOTE *Crazy Low Price* horse people!!

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Bradford. Quiet established Neighborhood, 4 bed detached plus 2 bed apartment. $867,000.

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Ruth Armstrong Sales Representative

Cell: 519-942-6085 Office: 519-942-8700 TF: 1-800-461-2686

RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc 115 First St., Orangeville, ON L9W 3J8

Exclusive Not on MLS. 113 Collings Avenue,

her skills to the Ottawa Dressage Festival (ODF), which is a huge annual undertaking in Ottawa, ON. For well over a decade, she has volunteered to scribe for mostly FEI level judges over all four days of competition. Having Maguire’s dependable, calm and experienced help in this position is invaluable to the ODF show organizers. The time and effort that volunteers such as Maguire

nominations are quick and easy through the EC website. Nominations for the award are accepted until the 20th day of each month, making January 20th the next deadline to submit the name of a volunteer who has made a difference to the sport of dressage. Questions and comments on the Dressage Volunteer of the Month Award can be directed to Christine Peters at PHOTO – Catherine Maguire of Almonte, ON, was named the Dressage Volunteer of the Month for December 2019 for her many years of service as President of the Ottawa Area Dressage Group, as well as scribing at the Ottawa Dres- sage Festival in Ottawa, ON. PHOTO CREDIT – Courtesy of Dorothea Larsen, OADG

freely give are what keeps dressage growing in Canada. EC offers many thanks for her dedication to and continuing sup- port of dressage. If you know of a volunteer who deserves recognition,

ident of the Ottawa Area Dressage Group (OADG), which is a chapter of CADORA Inc. This organization has a very large, active and diverse membership, which requires ex- ceptional organizational skills from its leadership. Maguire’s steady guidance and quiet willingness to help wherever needed is greatly valued by all. Additionally, Maguire is an excellent scribe who lends

First Impressions Count One of the nicest

things when selling your home is for a buyer to walk in and it smells nice. Elimi- nate wet dog and barn smells. There are easy 1 coat paints for this or a simple pot of coffee.

Winter Damage Ice storm damage,

winter storm and other dam- age. Trim up those trees, cut up the branches replace the shingles, garbage

remove the

Fire Proof Remove all the excess

feed and shavings bags, twine, broken boards things in any isle ways that simply do not need to be there. Make sure your Fire extin- guishers are current and vis- ible.

Paint Why not upgrade

those stall fronts with a fire- retardant paint? Give the windows a brightening.

winter fix. Check the electri- cal current make sure there are no shorts.

Electrical outlets Have someone check

your outlets, barn outlets can be a fire hazard if not maintained.

Electrical cords It’s that time of year

with tons of lights, double and triple check your elec- trical chords. 80% of barn fires are electrical faults.

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