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AQHA Director’s Report

new computer system. The second quarter be-

By Kathy M. Patterson AQHA Director

Highlights From 2019 By AQHA Executive Vice Presi- dent Craig Huffhines As the year comes to an

end, it is a great opportunity for us to reflect on the past and look toward the future. The start of 2019 began like many others for most of us – a time to reflect on the past year, make goals for the future year and to begin anew with endless possibilities before us. At AQHA, it was a time when we were diligently working on a

came a very challenging time for our Association. The transition to the new computer system was more difficult than anticipated. I am proud of the commitment and dedication the AQHA Executive Committee and our staff demon- strated to resolve these issues, which will allow us to better serve our members. Several key hires, including appointing Aaron Bovos to serve not only as the CFO, but also as the COO, as well as the addition of Tiffani Carter as our director of Member Experience paved the way for a massive reorganization within the building. Even though we are working diligently to continue to improve the level of service we are providing, we have made great strides and have made sev- eral significant changes to the way AQHA does business. The Association imple-

mented DocuSign – a simple way to send a safe and secure docu- ment with electronic signatures to assist in completing business with AQHA. To date, more than 4,400 DocuSign emails have been generated with members providing a 40% completion rate. AQHA and DocuSign recently entered into a more robust study where DocuSign will evaluate AQHA’s paper-based business processes and offer electronic so- lutions through the myriad of technology that company pro- vides.

AQHA reimagined its

phone system by making two sig- nificant changes to how we were providing customer service via the telephone. First, direct phone lines to several key departments were published, allowing our members to call these teams di- rectly. Second, the member expe- rience phone menu options were revised to better serve our cus- tomers for calls regarding regis- tration-related


membership, records, billing and other transactions. A new lan- guage-line option was also im- plemented,


non-English-speaking customers the ability to access AQHA serv- ices over the phone with the sup- port of live translation in their native-language. Plus, more staff were added to respond to cus- tomer calls, along with the option to speak with a receptionist. Additional changes have taken place to provide improved cus- tomer care, including reorganiza- tion within our Member Experience team, enhanced Member Experience training and the hiring of AQHA show secre- taries for enhanced Member Services on location, performed by the Member Experience team. With these improvements,

on-hold times for the last quarter of 2019 have averaged under three minutes. Our goal is to con- tinue to decrease the on-hold time for customers to approxi- mately 90 seconds or less. Customers now receive au-

tomated notifications when a membership is purchased or re-

Impressive Flower

Association was proud to induct the 1975 Stallion “Impressive Flower” into the OQHA Hall of Fame for 2019. “Impressive Flower” was born March 1st, 1975.

He was owned and shown The Ontario Quarter Horse

sires “Impressive” and his dam was the great halter mare “Paula Flower” who held a show record of 271 Halter points. Unfortu-

by Brian and Sharon Corbett of Brian Corbett Quarter Horses in Beamsville, Ontario. His sire was the sire of

stood Grand and Reserve Champion Stallion many times. He ended his yearling year with a sec- ond place in the Yearling Stallions at

he attained his Superior Halter Award. He started the year at the Florida Gold Coast Circuit, and was named Circuit Champion. At one time or another he beat all the stallions of his genera- tion and was Grand Champion Stallion 21 times.

were born in 1978. The first two foals to show, as yearlings were My Fancy Flower and Flow- ers First. They won the Filly Futurity and Colt Futurity at Quarterama 79.

“Flowers First” was named Hi Point Halter Stallion of Ontario as a two year old. He like his dad beat most stallions of his generation as a 2 yr. old and accumulated 37 halter points. “Impressive Sis-

The 1978 Stallion His first foals

sive Flower” had a year- ling in each sex division of noted Yearling Halter Futurities and they won all three. “ I m p r e s s i v e

ter” 1978 mare was “Im- pressive Flower’s” first foal and was Champion Weanling in Ontario. As a 2yr. old with limited showing she was named Hi Point All Ages Mare in the state of Georgia and ended her year with 38 halter points. In 1981 “Impres-

pressive Flower” for the memories and welcome to the OQHA Hall of Fame! Submitted by Kathy Patterson

Flower” continued to make his mark on the quarter horse industry in and out of the province with foals selling at top dollar both privately and at major equine sales across the country. Thank you “Im-

American Quarter Horse Congress. As a Two Year old

the All

Flower” was her one and only foal. As a yearling he

nately “Impressive

newed with information about the status of their membership. This process includes text mes- sages sent to U.S.-based cus- tomers, if AQHA has a current cell phone number on file for the customer. Our team is also in the process of implementing auto- mated transfer notifications to help inform members about the status of their paperwork. If you have a quick ques-

tion or are looking for answers to FAQs, visit the new online AQHA Help Center at helpcen- The Member Experience team moni- tors the Help Center and regu- larly adds answers to FAQs to continue to build the answer database to better assist our members worldwide. In May, AQHA welcomed

John Lutz as the Association’s new chief revenue officer over sales and business development. John and his team have secured corporate sponsorship support through establishing new and im- proved marketing techniques to communicate corporate partner brands to our members world- wide.

We are also working on

ways to improve the way we communicate with our cus- tomers. It is important for you to have current personal informa- tion on file with AQHA. You can update your information by sign- ing into your account on What’s new for 2020? We

will be working on a new design

The Canadian Quarter Horse Association is an affiliate of the AQHA. Annual membership is

on-line, visit the CQHA web site:, and choose

Choose “Affiliates” to link to provincial Quarter Horse & Racing Association sites. Contact: CQHA President,

and business model for The American Quarter Horse Journal, led by John and his team, in col- laboration with Jim Jennings. More information on this project will be shared at the 2020 AQHA Convention. We are working on show leaderboards, an online show entry system and member dashboard that we hope will make phenomenal progress to- ward providing our members with personal information about their American Quarter Horses, their achievements and invalu- able easy-to-access pedigree in- formation. In essence, the challenges

we overcame in 2019 allowed us to improve our basic registry and transfer transactions to be more timely and effective. With this foundation, we can now build to provide new and improved serv- ices for our members worldwide. Our goal is to not only continue to enhance turnaround times, but also build a way for customers to do these types of transactions on their computers or using a mobile device. I look forward to what 2020 will bring for our great As- sociation and the equine indus- try!

Annual Conventions The 2020 AQHA Conven-

tion will be held on March 13-16, 2020 in Las Vegas Nevada. The Canadian Quarter

Horse Association 2020 Annual General Meeting will take place in conjunction with the AQHA Canadian Summit February 14-

Wayne Burwash, ph: 403-246-8283, email: 16,

2020 “Membership” section.

free to current members of AQHA. To enroll

in Saskatoon

Saskatchewan. The Ontario Quarter Horse

Association held their Annual meeting on Saturday, January 18th 2020 at the Doubletree By Hilton Kitchener, Ontario. Fol- lowing the general meetings the OQHA banquet celebrated the accomplishments of their mem- bers and horses over the past show season. Congratulations to Darcy

Woods on being crowned the 2020 OQHA Queen! One of the evening high-

lights was honouring the 1975 Stallion “Impressive Flower” the 2019 Inductee to the OQHA Hall of Fame. He was owned and shown by Brian and Sharon Cor- bett of Brian Corbett Quarter horses in Beamsville, Ontario. Thank you to Sharon Ham-

mer OQHA Awards Chair and Mary Moore OQHA Banquet Chair for their work and dedica- tion in preparing for this success- ful event! Congratulations to all the

OQHA award winners and Good Luck in 2020!

In closing, I would like to

thank the OQHA Board of Direc- tors for their hard work and ded- ication

to our

Remember to visit the OQHA, AQHA, and CQHA websites for all your Quarter Horse news! If I can be of assistance, please con- tact me at: Ph: (519) 345-2861 or by e-mail at:

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