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Office: 905-655-4666 New Membership

forms are READY on the Web Site - - with a small price increase of $3.00 for Administrative Costs. $33.00 plus HST. You can also download a membership form and send by snail mail or by email.

Winner of the Early

Bird Draw —— Joanne Richards of Wooler Ontario is the winner of the training saddle and saddle pad with the CRHRA logo. Congrat- ulations!!!!!! The next draw is April

15, 2020 for the English En- durance Saddle and Pad with CRHRA Logo. Be sure to get your membership in before April 15. Donated by Broken Bone Ranch. Direc- tors and their Families are not eligible for the draws.

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special digital subscription offer from The Rider. You

can sign up for a free coy of the online edition using this link

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The Rider is Celebrating 50 Years this Year! We are Honouring

The Rider at our Booth at Can Am. We have moved to Hall 1 this year. Come by our booth and congratulate Barry and the Rider gang. Take advantage of the Spe- cial Rates for Can Am for CRHRA Members on Fri- day for Admission and Ad- mission to the Friday Night Event.

For those of you that

do not subscribe to The Rider we send out newslet- ters but you must have pro- vided an email address as all correspondence is done by email.

We receive lots of re-

quests for lost or additional key tags. Starting Jan. 1, 2020 there will be a cost to replace or send additional tags of $8.00 plus HST per set of 3. So if you order 2 sets the cost will be $16.00 plus HST. You will con-

Watch History Channel’s new docu-series The Wild Ones

By Glenda Fordham Watch HISTORY CHANNEL’s new docu-series

THE WILD ONES showcasing the unseen world of the Qayus horses in BC’s Nemiah Valley (starts Jan. 20) Airing Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HIS-

TORY®, this new Canadian 10 episode docu-series The Wild Ones (co-produced by Breakthrough Entertainment and Bonterra Productions), follows an exceptional team of Xeni Gwet’in First Nation cowboys, joined by ex-pat American settler Michael Lares, and horse trainer Mike Hawkridge, in their mission to save the majestic herd of wild Qayus horses in their midst. Roaming wild in the Nemiah Valley – a pristine

wilderness in B.C.’s Cariboo region – the elusive herd of wild horses known as the Qayus, have thrived for cen- turies. However, climate change, the threat of overpopu- lation and an increase in natural predators are pitting horse against horse in a bitter fight for survival. The Xeni Gwet’in First Nations people help restore and manage the population to sustainable levels by training and relocating some of the Qayus. Tracking these noble creatures is no easy task. They

are among the smartest, strongest, and rarest horses on the planet. Every day is an adventure – the ultimate test of a rider’s skill and determination. It’s a wild ride that de- mands limitless courage and nerves of steel. Members of the team are all dedicated stewards of wildlife in the Ne- miah Valley and are a hand-picked group that blend tradi- tional knowledge and unrivaled bravery with exceptional horsemanship and a passion for adventure. The team fea- tures the Xeni Gwet’in First Nation Cowboys - Chief Jimmy Lulua, Howard Lulua, Amanda Lulua, Emery Phillips, and Roy Mulvahill, along with Michael Lares and Mike Hawkridge. Info on the show can be found at: https://www.his-

tinue to receive the usual 3 tags with your membership. If you are a new or re-

newing members and need proof of insurance before you receive your white tags, the order number which you receive after you submit your birth date can be printed off and shown to whomever needs it. You are covered from the time you submit that. Each person in your family or who works for you needs their own membership and have to file individually. We do not offer family or group mem- berships. For new members

BFL does not issue paper policies when you join but does provide a contact per-

son for you to call if you have questions or issues. On the back of your mem- bership tags is your policy number or you can use the order number. Have that ready when you call. 1-800- 668-5901 Stephanie Kirton. We urge you to call

BFL as they can answer your insurance questions. We are NOT Insurance Peo- ple and we ONLY provide you the opportunity for in- surance as a benefit. Our OFFICE keeps

business hours so if you are trying to get help with your membership it may be the next day or Monday before someone returns your call. We do not send out re-

minders that your member-

ship has expired in order to keep costs down! Check the back of your tags and you will know when you expire. Our memberships run from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 each year. It does not matter when you apply, it will expire Dec. 31. Please consider donat-

ing to Small Animal Shel- ters along with Large Animal Rescue Centres. The cost of hay is up again this year! Now is the time to

take inventory of your haul- ing equipment, tack, barn supplies and equipment. There are some great deals out there this time of the year.

I heard some terrible stories this fall about

mounts being spooked by loose dogs. Now is a good time to start bomb proofing for things that were issues last year. NO Mount is ever 100 percent bomb proof but you can take steps to desen- sitize. If you do not know how to proceed, contact a Trainer. Don’t Forget Hunting

Season is all year round!! Wear Bright Clothing and braid some bright coloured ribbons into your mounts mane and tail. Road riding is even more dangerous in the winter due to the snow banks and lack of shoulder space. Wear bright clothing and decorate your mount so drivers will see you. Trail Riding on the

trails can be dangerous as well with snowmobiles, dog sleds ,skiers, and ATVers. Always be aware of what is around you and listen to what is coming in front or behind. If you can, move off the trail and let them pass. Be good Ambassador!

Be Smart! Be Safe! Bonnie

1-877-TRYAVIA • (519) 264-2354

RR #1, 8782 Longwoods Road, Mt. Brydges, ON N0L 1W0

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